Thursday, March 12, 2009

My six tomatoes: digital appearance.

Yes, the camera cable was after all hidden from sight in a box. She, my other half found it. Now, the snaps are downloaded for digital appearance. These are photographs on tomatoes only. Of course I took photographs on other plants as well, but they have to take turn for appearance in this blog. We call that little plot where tomatoes are, Batas Grandiose

The little fruits to be, flower.
The little fruits to be, flower.
The little fruits to be, flower.
The little fruits to be, flower.
The six tomatoes: The stakes are made of bamboo. I use the red rafia because I read somewhere how red plastic sheet placed on the ground somehow produce better tomatoes. To be honest, that roll of rafia is the only one available at home.
Mulch: in the form of grass and senduduk cuttings to keep off weeds and maintain a wet soil for tomato plants to grow. Pieces of wood taken for free at construction sites and coconut husks are very much visible.

At the base, I place a little bit of oil palm fibre with the trade name Biosmart recently bought at an agricultural expo in Taman Pertanian Putrajaya. Something like RM20 for 3 bags, in a smart publicity drive, buy 2 get one free. I read somewhere about mulch not too close to stems for fear of fungal attack at stem. I may do something about it tomorrow.
Another view from the top.
A close-up.


As I was doing the normal gardening chores, an elderly couple walked nearby and stopped. They were keen on the health of the tomatoes and the new sweet corns. They asked if I just use the mulch as fertilizer.

Again, it rained heavily around 6pm, with strong wind and thunder! This has been going on for about a week. But for most of the day, sunshine is in abundance. The wind was so strong that it shifted my lightweight slipar to 10 metres away.

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