Friday, March 20, 2009

PAPAYA a survivor

In early 2008, we bought a hawaii papaya from Carrefour Alamanda Putrajaya. We saved the seeds, germinated and planted on the plot. It was four seedlings to start with. One is dead. One is shifted to a different spot, and luckily it grew and now bears fruits. The other two still in the original spots are surviving, about 4 feet now and without fruits.

Where we are living , is a new housing scheme, and our house is on a cut section of a hill, therefore the soil is almost barren a foot down. So it is tough for bigger plants to survive, grow and bear fruits.

the only papaya that bear fruits.
The plant is something like 9 or 10 foot high

an old photo taken in may 2008,
showing the four papaya on its original spot.
Small and definitely surviving.
The 3 legged climbing poles made of bamboo
are for the bitter gourd,
or peria.


  1. Glad some are still hanging on. I'm hoping for a few survivors in my garden as well.

  2. Gardeness
    A little tough papaya I think.... I hope yours will survive too ...


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