Saturday, March 14, 2009

SUN FLOWER (Bunga Matahari) : The notes

Putrajaya as in any other part of Malaysia is blessed with lot of sunlight and steady rainfall through the year. We thought Sun Flower is going to be an interesting experiment. So we bought a packet of sun flower seeds from Mydin, a hypermart nearby. So maybe Sunday morning will be a good day to start the germination of Sun Flower, sharing the plot of Batas Walkway.

Summary of sun flower growing:
Spacing: 1 foot apart
Sprouting: 1-2 weeks
Maturity: 70 - 90 days or more

Note on sun flower growing:

Some folk see a Sunflower as a flower. Others see it as a vegetable. It is of course both, a beautiful flower and a great vegetable! Healthy, nutritious and attractive, Sunflowers have it all. That is probably why sunflowers have spread from their native home in North America, and are now grown around the world!

As homeowners, we adorn our yards and gardens with our choice of dozens of sizes and varieties. We use it to attract birds to our homes. We also enjoy eating the seeds. They are high in protein. Sunflowers are popular as a cooking oil, too.

Sunflowers are also great for kids. The seeds are big and easy to handle, and they require minimal attention. Kids like to grow big things, so a sunflower fits the bill. The end product is not only eye appealing, but makes a great snack. We put Sunflowers, along with pumpkins, as the top two plants for kids to grow.

Sowing the seeds

Sunflower seeds are best sown outdoors directly into the garden. After planting, cover them with a screen, as the birds and animals love to dig the seeds out. You can also start them in a seedbed and transfer them when they are small.

If you plant sunflowers indoors, use individual peat pots. Start two to three weeks before the last frost date for your area. Plant one or two seeds per pot, thinning to one before planting outdoors.

If you grow them to feed the birds, look for seedlings growing near the base of last year's crop. They can be left to grow, or transplanted to another location.

Whether you plant directly outdoors or transplant them, make the final spacing as follows:

  • Giants: Space three feet apart in rows three to four feet apart.

  • Regular/Intermediate sizes: Space two feet apart in rows three feet apart.

  • Miniatures: Space one foot apart in rows three feet apart.

For individual planting, put the seedling or seeds in just about any sunny location. Plant either individual, in groups, or in patterns. Make sure they are visible from your deck, porch and windows.

Did you know? Sunflowers always point their blooms or face to the rising sun in the East. Keep this in mind as you determine where to plant them.

Kakdah's Update:

4 sun flower, 8 french marigold and 8 Celosia Plumosa
waiting to sprout in paper cups with holes at the bottom.
The black container as the base is car boot tray, where
one would place fish and vegetables as one is ready to go
home after weekend marketing.


  1. I hope they are growing ok - I planted mine at about the same time, but the ones I put in pots aren't growing as tall as those which self-seeded on my allotment!

  2. >Scattered Gardener

    Those self seeded are wildly free.... They will grow as what nature has in store for them. Mine is not really successful.... 4 marigolds and 2 Celosia Plumosa see the light. Celosia Plumosas are now flowering, and marigolds end up as snails dinner!!.... The one growing are from seeds we took from a friend.

    ~ bangchik


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