Monday, March 16, 2009

WILD PLANTS on our Putrajaya plot in Malaysia.

The word wild in wild plant has different meaning as we compare it with wild animals or wild behaviour.

We look around our plot and snap these plants which is wild to our undertsanding. We mean wild if the plant simply grow through natural means and perculiar to a particular place. Some has nice little flowers. We dont know their names.... Wild plants?, or just wild weeds?

So here we are :-


  1. All plants were wild once. Today a weed, tomorrow the plant that feeds the world.
    Thank you for the pictures.

  2. You are right David..

    Thanks for dropping in.

  3. hi good day in addition to this post i agree that wild plants are everywhere we cant resist them from growing , but there's a big question where they com from ? we know that i can be domesticate by wind , animals and by us . but one thing i wonder ,sometimes they come out surprise even it is not domesticated ? maybe its a fact that it come from the seeds or where the seeds was originated or cultured .? well anyways this are my questions that pop out my mind , thank you for the post and i learned a lot on it . maybe next time i can read about some garden accessories such as wind spinners and wind chimes . im new to it . i hope someone can share some thoughts about it . have a nice day guys .

  4. what is the real scientific or legal term for wild plants?


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