Sunday, March 15, 2009

SWEET CORN (Jagung Manis): the little shoots.

Yes, Our Sweet Corns or jagung manis are just coming to the fourth leaves. We planted direct into the soil. Two seeds into a spot as mentioned at the back of the seed packet. Somehow only one come out from each spot. The sixth never came all together. I placed new seeds immediately, it will catch up with the other five. Yesterday, I saw little shoot coming out from the sixth spot.... Baby sweet corns, six of them! The plot for sweet corns is called, Batas Showpiece .

The row next to sweet corns is reserved for Chillies (Chili Besar or Chili Merah) which are still germinating in the little pots. At both edges, Kunyit (tumeric plant) is still 1 cm below the surface ready to shoot out.


  1. Your veggie garden ought to be impressive. You are lucky to have a big space for all those veggies. Mine is too small and I do wish for a bigger one ...Blossom Blooms

  2. One more thing, I see that you haven't update your plot at Blotanical. The community won't know you exist unless you update your feed and start visiting and interacting with us here. See you at Blotanical ...

  3. Blotanical update... I am learning, haha. Thanks lili11 for dropping in.


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