Monday, April 19, 2010

First harvest of tomato

the first harvest.

Red, Ripe Tomato

When I bite into a red, ripe tomato
There is an explosion of flavor and juice.
Seeds blast out the corners of my mouth,
Gushing down my throat with delight.
Juices running down my chin, I smile;
Ecstasy tempts my taste buds for another bite.
I bite again, mmm, and then again, until it's gone;
Wishing this orgy in my mouth will never cease.
But then I swallow the last drop of tomato juice,
Suck the seeds from between my teeth.
I am satisfied with this taste of summer
Until the next time I bite into a red,  ripe tomato.

rhythmic thoughts  26Aug08

~ bangchik
Putrajaya, Malaysia


  1. Dear Bangchik, I do so agree that there is almost nothing to rival the taste of a home grown tomato. I often have them as a simple supper dish sprinkled with basil over which is drizzled a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Delicious.

  2. @Edith - ditto. My Mouth Waters Continuously :)

  3. Ahhhh what pleasures await us. In a few months that is. For now I console myself with the fragrance of tomato foliage from my little plants as I move them from pot to pot as they wait for the weather to settle. But I congratulate you on your explosion of flavor

  4. aloha bangchik,

    that looks delicous, also i love how you use your coconut husks in the previous posts to grow your starts, great idea!

  5. Enjoy those tasty tomatoes. I am so jealous and hungry right now LOL!

  6. Those tomatoes looks tasty and cute.

  7. There's nothing quite like the taste of a homegrown tomato. Mine are a long way off yet.

  8. beautiful words Bangchik! You love tomatoes, I can tell xxx

  9. Oh tomatoes! It'll be months before I see one of those on my own table. Thank you for sharing.... mmmmmm.

  10. Oh boy! They look so juicy and good! ENJOY!!

  11. Excellent, Bangchik - I can taste it now!! Well, almost.... I'm afraid I have to wait a couple of months!!

  12. Great work!
    I really envy your good "green finger".
    Hopefully one day I'll be able to grow & harvest some like u...

    p/s: i'm just starting out growing lettuce indoor. Pointers from all are welcomed!

  13. they look yummy! we won't be enjoying our first tomatoes here for at least a couple more months!


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