Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: The colours among greens

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

pic 8

pic 9

pic 10

pic 11



  1. It is nice to see some colour in the garden, even if that colour comes from the vegetables themselves.

  2. Lovely photos Bangchik especially the Coleus ones. I have missed your lovely posts.

  3. Each picture is so very beautiful. Lovely post Bangchik.

  4. Gorgeous! Wonderful shots!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. I love these shots.

  6. I see some pretty flowes coming! Love your coleus colour Bangchik! Enjoy the colours.

  7. I always enjoy your photos. Beautiful pictures!

  8. Bangchik, I like that your coleus photos show not only rich color, but also velvety texture! Well done, Pam

  9. Thd first and the 9th, the coleus plants. They need a lot of water. Once I frogto to water them, the drooped and I thought they were dead. After a lot of water, they survived.

    I see you little raddish.

  10., your tomatoes look so innocently white and they are many in one stalk.
    Where did you get those seeds from - are they the special or the common type?

  11. You not only have a great garden, but a great photography skills as well. I love your plants. The tomato is so cute.

  12. beautiful photos Bangchik xx

  13. ~Lanny
    ~Rebecca @ In The Garden
    ~Jim Groble
    ~sweet bay
    ~James Missier

    Thanks everyone for the visits and comments on another wordless Wednesday post. We always have an earlier Wednesday compared to those in South Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa and America. Some on the eastern part of the world may just have Wednesday coming in a lot earlier.

    ~The Black~
    We have been playing with soil, poultry manure and compost, very much black in colour and out of our endeavor, something green grows and give birth to many other colours.

    ~The Colours~
    The post is made to dedicate the existence of many other colours among green. As far as vegetable garden is concerned, GREEN is the mother of all colour. Other colours are the children of green.

    ~The Green~
    It is the green after all manufacture nutrients, food and supplements to all part of the plant. The green's chlorophyll is like the uranium in the nuclear power plant, so important and central to human existence. The uranium have seen economic wars within its trading. The green is still cheap but manage to keep the stomach full and ease malnutrition.

    Coleus is very colourful indeed and as mentioned by Ann, its too dependent on water. Tomato plants are from seeds bought from the supermarket. The packet didn't say much about the type of tomato. I know it's not the cherry type. Kakdah hinted that it could be one of the many grown in Thailand. She said "Tomato Siam..."

    Lastly, welcome back Joaane.

    Putrajaya Malaysia.

  14. ~Cath J
    Thanks for liking them. It must be fun for your little boy riding on KTM!



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