Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another go with Tomato.

The other day, we were talking about getting tomato seeds in a different way which we never tried before. Kakdah used half of a juicy tomato for cooking and let the other half in a plastic cup. After a couple of days, the tomato became soft and watery with a hint of early decomposition. I just squeeze the whole thing in a bowl. The seeds are separated. The very same night, a few seeds were placed in pots for germination. They didn't take long to sprout... I could see the white tips of the roots coming out the next day. Once they achieved the second pair of true leaves, I put them on the vegetable bed. The vegetable bed was the site for compost heap for almost a year. It should be fertile enough for the little plants I suppose..

four little tomato seedlings sprouting.

Tomato seedlings
they were transplanted on vegetable bed 
after the plants had completed their first true leaves.

Tomato seedlings: 4
viewed from the other end, very early in the morning shown by the long shadows

tomato: 3 plants
the latest photo was taken around 6.00 pm, just before watering.
The soil looked dry. Now there are three little plants. 
One of the pair in the middle was pulled out.

I dont know the variety. 
It is the normal variety sold in Carrefor Putrajaya vegetable section.



  1. Cool way to sow tomatoes. We have several tomatoes and potatoes sprout from compost this winter.

  2. How clever you are. I look forward to seeing the resulting produce.

  3. Tomato is one of the must have items whenever I go to the market. I love to have it for cooking also. The seedlings are looking good!

  4. Love tomato ketchup, hate raw tomatos. Can't wait to see them fruit!

  5. Great way to find seed! A tv presenter here once advocated that if you found a tomato in a restaurant that you particularly liked, to subtly spit some of the seeds onto your napkin so you could grow that variety!

    Aaron- I also find cooked tomatoes much more palatable than raw, and after years of thinking i was a freak found a few other people with the same issue. In my case there is a particular taste/scent which, when I cook raw tomatoes, is noticeably released during the cooking process- presumably something volatile. I much prefer tomato varieties other label as "bland"!

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  7. malaykadazangirl
    pam's english garden

    Thanks everyone for the visits and comments.

    Carrefor Putrajaya normally sell Australian varieties. I can remember the exact tagging. Sometime they go by fancy names like "giant, rainbow, plum, heirloom" etc.... The name keep changing but the tomato look similar. So I can really attach tomato we buy with the variety.

    To both of us, they are just tomato full stop. The original fruit is the normal size, definitely bigger than cherry variety which I am familiar with.

    I envy malaykadazangirl about her tomato. Tomato is just natural there. Pam, just read what vtg got to say about choosing seeds. I took from the kitchen and vtg is suggesting taking it from the restaurant!..

    I cant imagine Kakdah going to the market without tomato on her list. So Steph, you are not alone. Probably very universal with ladies on tamato... haha.

    I love chili sauce Aaron, but cant stand munching hot chili as salad.. they say, we got to get used, to like it..

    I may attempt the way that tv presenter suggested, vtg. I probably don't spit, but wrap a slice with a tissue, put it into kakdah's handbag.. haha.

    Cheers, have a great weekend.


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