Friday, July 2, 2010

Cucumber ready to be plucked

trellis for the cucumber
the tall papaya has gone with cut stems at the far end.

the cucumber

close-up of cucumber.
The rough skin eventually smoothens itself
as the fruit inches towards maturity

The leaves lack the smoothness and exotic look of bitter gourds even though they seem to share the same family line. Beetles love to crawl along the leaves and bite the edges. It must be tasty to them. I tried to get rid of them once, but new ones come to replace. I saw them getting into the flower as well. They probably suck the nectar like bees. For the moment I consider them helping with pollination and therefore friendly beetles . A click here [Taxation on cucumber] will bring you to the earlier post dated 15th June 2010 on those beetles.

The plant must be pumping water to fill up the ever increasing cucumber. It is said that cucumber is 90% water. The cucumber seems to be gaining size each day. Judging by the length and size, the cucumber is about to be cut and sliced into lovely salad for nasi lemak.  Just wait...


  1. Aha, I saw your trellis. Now, that I have some dried bamboo sticks from my plant, I will try to build one for planting some vines. That cucumber wil be great for my sandwich.

  2. there is nothing in the world like watching a garden grow .. you seem to be enjoying yours so much .. somehow that warms my heart, as well .. i am enjoying your blog very much .. beautifully and thoughtfully done .. thank you ..

  3. Hi,
    Miam, in a few days you will eat a nice salad.

  4. olá,td bem?
    parabens pelos blogs...que agora sou seguidora...ok?

  5. Your cucumbers look yummy. They are one of my favorite veggies, and I can grow them here in Florida! I just had some today with Greek yogurt...tasty and refreshing meal!

  6. Maria dah jumpa benih timun kecik tu... dipanggil timun mini :)... dah semai... nak tunggu besar dah bbuah...
    jeles nye tengok pokok org dah ade hasil...

  7. Wow! Your vegetables are so lovely!

  8. Bangchik, I'm growing cucumber too right now but mine are in the seedling stage. I grew this green variety last year but this year I'm growing the smooth white smaller variety. Here it's called 'Safed Kakdi'.
    Do you know, here the locals don't grow them on a trellis, but it spreads out all over the ground? It doesn't sem to make any difference to the way it grows or fruits but I personally prefer the trellis. At least you can see if there's anything hiding under all those leaves!

  9. Your cucumber looks delicious. I am enjoying growing them for the first time this summer and have been pleasantly surprised at how many are coming from my garden :-)

  10. I just bought one yesterday ;-D Love cucumber!

  11. Autumn Belle ~ Our trellis is so simple, that anyone can do.. Cucumber is great, but homegrown is better.. haha.

    jane ~ thank you very much Jane, your compliments too much to handle.. Yes, I enjoy gardening, not necessarily for the produce but for the opportunity to know more about plants.

    Ellada ~ Yes, It wont take long...

    Thera ~ thanks. It took me quite some time to go through online translation... haha.

    Kimberly ~ So cucumber is very much at home in Florida... We normally use cucumber as salad... fresh.

  12. ~ ejaMaria. Timun mini?... saya meneka-neka yang mana satu.. harap timun mini akan terus tumbuh dan berbuah.

    ~ AaronVFT. The fruit looks ok, but the leaves are torn and munched by beetles.

    ~ Sunita. Thanks for info. The next time I may leave them on the ground. Everything about the plant is so close to Pumpkin...

    ~ Noelle. Glad to hear your plants doing ok. Our plants don't seem to be very lavish with flowering and fruiting..

    ~ Stephanie. Cucumber is the best cooling agent steph, for the hot body and angry mind... haha.

    Have a nice day everyone,
    Cheers, ~BANGCHIK

  13. You just reminded me that I need to go pick my first one of the season. Hubby says it is not ready but I have a different opinion-can't wait in other words. Cukes are great to have so much water. Enjoy yours!

  14. Okay peel that baby and give me the salt shaker LOL!

  15. Your cucumbers are gorgeous, Bangchik. I love all your pictures and I can't wait to read more of your blog.

  16. tina ~ it seems cucumber is good at any stage, except when it is too old. Pick early tina.. haha.

    Hocking Hills Gardener ~ crunchy cucumber, nothing beats its plain extravaganza...!

    My Edible Yard ~ thanks, do come back for sharing...


  17. congrats.... and this giving me some motivation to start planting my cucumber.. ^_^

  18. Place one slice at each eye... cools 'firery' eyes he he...

  19. Cathy and Steph.... it is always good to grow our own vegetable within the constraint of space and time. Huh, the harvest is truly delightful. Putting cucumber slices onto eyes is probably suitable for Kakdah... haha... not me, I need that fiery eyes!!, ~bangchik


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