Sunday, July 18, 2010

Putrajaya Floria 2010 ~ a run through

Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival 2010
It was a quick run through, or rather a  brief walk through. I was quite busy lately, otherwise we could have visited the flower exhibition much earlier. Normally the first day is the best where flowers and plants on display is fresh and healthy. We went in  on the second  last day, around 10.30 am, and back by 12.00 noon. One and a half hour is brief by Kakdah's standard.  It was quite a repeat of last year show but still the crowd was quite big.

Something caught my attention, huh, a compost machine. With the price of a thousand dollar, it got me thinking when will the investment break even...... Our crude compost technique, open heap of composting material, only deals with garden waste.  Kitchen waste invariably will end up in garbage bin to be taken away by garbage lorry. What a waste... haha. Now with compost machine finding its way into houses, Kitchen waste will not be wasted ... But the price!!..

FLORIA 2010 , Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival 2010 is open from 10th to 18th July 2010. We were not lavish this time. Three bags of organic soil, seeds (kale, celery and petola) and gardening utensils ( small scoop and fork) found their way to our little vegetable garden. Small sum, just 20 ringgit Malaysia. I didn't take many photographs of plants and flowers on show. Just a few to mark the occasion. However, Autumn Belle of My nice garden did a serial on the show ( click here  )

a section, where schools and institutions display their garden creativity.

not too hot, but umbrella is always helpful

Kakdah noticed these lovely yellow ground orchids 
and asked me to click a few.
We have purple variety in a container, 
and the blooms keep coming back on a continuous basis.

yellow ground orchid.

kakdah attracted by the lovely yellow bloom

everywhere was hot, 
Kakdah with her own shade and purple orchid by her side.

a small open transport, 
ferrying people from corner to corner. The lady was holding on the steel, I suppose such an open transport proved scary to some.

peat soil sold in 10kg bags.
We still have 2 bags from the last purchase at Bangi Agricultural Show.

the compost machine.
The guy was explaining how the machine works.
Quite a crowd interested to know, what the green rotating machine can really do.

The crowd heading towards different directions



  1. Oh that looks like so much fun, I would love that. The orchid is just perfection in that shot. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Still not a very big machine. There may be pictures of one you could home make out of a barrel with some sort of turning mechanism. We have only an open heap, but we do have a tractor with bucket loader to turn it. At first it was all by hand with a pitch fork!

  3. Bangchik, thank you very much for the kind mention here. I went again on Saturday but it was so full of people, I left after 0.5 hrs. There was 'people jam' and I can't snap any more landscape photos without seeing human parts, e.g. leg, face, head, hand in the screen!

    My warmest regards to your lovely model here, Kakdah. She made the right choice as the orchids are lovely.

  4. Kakdah is so pretty!
    It looks just far to warm, golly living in Ireland we never use umbrellas for the sun, hahahaha.
    The orchid was beautiful I love strong colours. But I think I'll stick to the compost system we have thank you, we haven't that sort of money!!

  5. Salam Bangchik n Kak Dah..Im going to the Floria today n will start as early as 8.30am cos of the large crowd expected on its last day.Hope I can snap good photos without too much body parts shown on my screen as Autumn Belle mentioned!

  6. Poetic..... Yellow orchid is dense and rich in colour. In Malaysia, yellow is the royal colour, purple in UK i think...

    Sara..... Composting in a machine that size is for households. It should educate youngsters in the long run seeing kitchen waste being salvaged for garden use. huh.., but the price is killing... Yes, nothing beats the open compost heap!!

    Belle... yes, many people around. It is alright for a lady to snap portions of human anatomy, legs etc. It is not safe for me... haha..

    Carrie.... open heap of composting material is always a gardener's castle as you used to say about your greatest and only guy... haha

    p3chandan.... Enjoy yourself. Get submerged in the spectrum of colours and sea of people.... haha... i notice the weather today is cool by our standard, definitely warm and hot for Carrie.

    have a great weekend

  7. Looks like some great compost education here. I love that photo of the beautiful Kakdah!

  8. Wendy... Kakdah is so used to the endearment "you are beautiful". Another one from you will make kakdah very happy... Haha... Composting is being heavily commercialised, I think. Where as nature has its own way of turning living thing to dust.. Snails, caterpillars, termites etc each has a role to play. Even though bush fire is dreadful, it turns acres into compost ashes...

  9. The yellow orchids are indeed lovely, so is Kak Dah. The floria must be really amazing!

  10. Kitchen flavours... Floria last year was somewhat more exciting. Less stalls and media exposure could be the reason. But for a rare flower exhibition, floria is still a crowd puller. Yes, I love the yellow orchid too, and about kakdah, she is adourable.. Haha..
    Cheers, bangchik.

  11. What a fun place. That orchid is stunning!

  12. Such a beautiful annual event. Lots of beautiful flowers to see. The orchids are really lovely. I have few orchids collection but they are not like those in the pictures. Thank for sharing. I enjoyed so much this post.

  13. ~Aaron and Eden
    As a flower show, Putrajaya floria is worth going. With so many stalls, it is like hopping from one nursery to another. Fun...
    That yellow orchid is quite rare and stunning. The usual colour for those ground orchids will be white or purple.

    Cheers, Bangchik

  14. Not to mention about compost machine, an ordinary bin can be costly also!

    Hey Bangchik, you are so fortunate to be staying at Putrajaya. At least you don't have to drive so far to get there. I am busy as well. So, will miss this year's Floria. Will miss the Malay food there most and of course the plant stalls he he...

    Thanks for showing that yellow orchid. It's pretty! And like last year, your Floria photos will not be complete without your beautiful and smart wife Kakdah ;-D

  15. Beautiful flowers give us relaxation and comfort.
    I believe you were able to release your metal fatigue by seeing them.

    I'm very busy today for harvesting summer vegetables bur very happy to see these flowers.

  16. ~Stephanie and Takaeko.
    I am not too sure if it is the short distance that keep pulling me back to Putrajaya Floria Flower Show. It is a good show no doubt, but more important, it offers a decent opportunity to walk holding hands with Kakdah among crowds .. haha.
    Yes, a tonic to release mental fatigue...


  17. Salam bangchik/kak dah...
    Saya terlepas peluang pegi... agak jauh di putrajaya tu yang boss tak berapa rajin nak bawak...haha

    psttt... cantiknya kak dah.. :))


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