Saturday, July 31, 2010

Introducing Kale into the garden.

Huh, when was the last time I grew kale? It must have been years. I was really mad recently at the failure to germinate kale using the old seeds . The recent visit to Putrajaya Floria 2010 brought home a few packets of seeds, kale included. For a change, I purposely vary the technique a little bit, by being less lavish on watering. Once the seeds were spread onto the surface, I sprayed lightly with water. Just once a day, very light not drowning them. It worked! Within a day, the seed coats broke, then little root tips appeared. The rest was history in the making... It could be the said technique or the new seeds that make germination successful.

kale seedlings in little pots
and there are more.
(benih kailan)

I would like to distribute kale all over the garden. Two sections of the raised bed has been prepared and reserved for kale. Pots that have been vacant after the harvest of cabbages will look nice with kale for a change. The previous attempts with kale two years ago, proved that the leaves were simply too tough for pests to bite. I dare not guess what will happen this time around.

kale: the first post 
bangchik and kakdah


  1. What lovely seedling!! Best wishes with this attempt, so far so good. :)

  2. Now here is a plant close to my heart and tummy! My rabbits are greedy and will not let me grow them ... there are so many rabbits this year... so I have to buy kale at the farmers market. Great leafy greens... I eat them raw... nothing like picking them right out of the garden. Good luck with yours! They look very happy right now. ;>)

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  4. Doesn't it always feel good to see them sprout?

  5. Please share how you eat kale! Do you cook it or eat it raw?

    I have it coming out my ears.

  6. Rebecca.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Rejoice over gardening is never limited to fruits or harvest only.

    All the many seeds used, are just precaution that we at the end have seedlings to start gardening. Age of seeds seem to be quite a factor in determining the success of germination. There are other factors as well including, temperature and amount of water.

    Kale is quite hardy and should be able to survive both on raised beds and pots. I remembered kakdah went out into the garden and got back with a few kale leaves for lunch or dinner. She always stir fry them. It is also an important addition into fried rice, mee and meehoon.

    Luckily there is no rabbits, goats and cows here to fight for leafy kale.

    Thanks, have a nice weekend.

  7. Good luck with kale! The seedlings look good! I like that you try to plant new vegetables Bangchik! Your garden is not boring with all the new introductions.

  8. ~Tatyana,
    Yes it is nice to see new vegetables growing in the garden. A whole new adventure is definitely waiting....
    Have a nice weekend.

  9. lovely!!! Tq for the info..

  10. ~cathy J
    Thanks for the visit. Huh, growing vegetables is fun.
    Cheers, ~bangchik

  11. What a timely posting. I have some kale seeds from Shah Alam's Farmers' Market that I have yet to sow. Thanks for the sharing on how you care for your kale seeds. That will be useful when I sow my kale seeds, Bang Chik.


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