Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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ulam raja

ulam raja






I don't grow too many plants in our little vegetable garden . It is more of the limited time than the limited space. Some plants do have beautiful foliage that match with the most exotic flowers. Even though at a glance marigolds and ulam raja look strikingly similar, upon scrutiny they differ that their leaves branch out in a different manner. Marigolds are denser, but ulam raja has leaves flowing elegantly on a breezy day. Cekur on the other hand is a little plant, almost crawling on the ground. It will always stay low and never raise its head and leaves. The leaves are green all the time.
Roselle is lovely with its red stalk to match the eventual red coloured fruits. Bittergourd has delicate leaves, lightweight in look but extremely exotic. Pegaga on the other hand prefer to crawl silently through the grass and suddenly they are all over the place. Pegaga will always make their presence felt by raising their little round green leaves slightly above the rest,



  1. Plants foliage can be as attractive as blooms. You chose some pretty leaves to show us, Bangchik!

  2. I like all the different textures! Sometimes my eyes just need to see green. Things are browning up in Colorado. Hot!

  3. The green is so refreshing, and the pictures are lovely. I love the different leaf shapes. Beautiful!

  4. These are beautiful photos that shows nature as its best. Beautiful and refreshing! Good shots!

  5. Your green foliage plants look so fresh!
    I still remember how my mother use to harvest her pegaga as a drinks for us during schooling time! ohh...the taste is awful but it's brainy food!

  6. Bangchik, do we categorised pegaga, ulam raja as herb?
    Bitter gourd leaves definitely exotic!

  7. Nice plants! Can't wait to see the ulam raja's flower.

  8. One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  9. Got to have green !
    Nice post. Don't know what pegaga
    is but what else is new...you have lots of greens
    I can't grow here.:(

  10. ~Tatyana,
    As long as they are not eaten and mutilated by pests, most plants do have beautiful foliage to show around...

    Sorry to hear about Colorado heating up.... surprisingly plants do have their own unique texture and shape and colour....

    Green is soothing to tired minds and eyes... It rejuvenate! I saw someone differentiating plants through barks.... plants really have unique thumbprints all over.

    ~Kitchen Flavours.
    Living and working, surrounded by bricks, seeing green is a pleasure..

    It is not easy to force or to persuade kids on vegetables; raw, cooked or blended juice. They will be ok once they start having their own family...

    Ulam is salad, mostly taken raw. So both ulam raja and pegaga are salads. We may want to call them as herbs too..... Bittergourd is always exotic in every parts, even the tendrils are exotic...

    Ulam raja takes quite time to burst into blooms, mostly too high to view and appreciate. Dwarf them a little by not giving too much food and space, they will flower low...

    ~Uncle Lee.
    Plants are extended family. A part of the big world we live in. They do react to our actions....

    Have a nice day,
    ~bangchik and kakdah

  11. ~Patsi
    Pennywort is the english name for pegaga... Green is one of the many tropical delight living in Malaysia... Cheers, ~bangchik

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  13. It is surprising how much variety there can be in the shape and colour of green foliage. It is well worth taking the time to look more closely

  14. I love the picture of the pegaga the best. Salam, Aishah (aka Lisa).

  15. ~easygardener.
    I guess there is more to it about plants other than flowers and fruits. Leaf is one of the obvious. The less obvious would be; growing rate and growing behaviour.

    Yes, pegaga is a repetition of green circles... is the boat still sailing?

    Cheers, Bangchik

  16. I couldn't differentiate the leaves of marigold from ulam raja. But now since I grow them in my garden, I can. They both look so similar. I wondered if anyone has wrongly served marigold leaves as ulam raja!!

  17. ~J.C.
    They differ in many ways, shape, texture, colour, smell and taste. The first bite should tell, that it is not ulam raja .... haha.

  18. Such beautiful shades and textures. If I had to chose, it would be foliage over flowers.

  19. ~Rebecca.
    On a slightly different note, we normally consume leaves and fruits. Flowers remain as food for the eyes and mind...
    Cheers, bangchik.

  20. Such lovely,refreshing greens. My pegaga and ulam raja have disappeared from my garden.

  21. ~Keats
    but pegaga is quite a survivor, in some countries, they are even considered invasive. ~bangchik

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