Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet peas, a re-run.

I really want to see sweet peas setting in and  produce beautiful flowers. Earlier attempts failed along the way They  germinated, but eight inches was about the highest the plants would grow before they wilted and died ... Now, they are persuaded to grow in a container. Six plants are growing  now. Lets see. what will happen to them...  I thought they failed in the earlier attempts because they were directly under the hot sun. Sunny in Sweden is mild to Putrajaya.  The container is kept at a little corner in Kakdah's dry yard. Every time she get out to hang cloths she will check on the progress. The seed packet displays beautiful and colourful flowers, definitely Kakdah is very enthusiastic to see the first sign of buds appearing....

I am sure gittan wants to see too ...

sweet peas
with 4 stakes

such tiny stems

they do have tendrils,
but not as energetic as bitter gourds.

hopefully our plants will survive and produce flowers as beautiful as these



  1. my gosh Bangchik they look fragile but persevere....

  2. They look ok at the moment. Good Luck!

  3. Their flowers are definately worth waiting for!!! Hope you will have handful of sweet peas!

  4. A baby will be big and proud to shout very soon.

  5. Maybe, you should talk Swedish to them? Just kidding. If seriously, Bangchik, I admire your willingness to experiment, to try new plants. In experimenting, even failure is a stepping stone on the path to success. Good luck!

  6. hazeltree ~ they are fragile indeed, just look at the stem. Look like serious starvation is going on ...

    Autumn Belle ~ i hope they keep growing and flower one day.

    Aaron ~ thanks, they will look pretty when they bloom.

    Malar ~ It is tough to continuously simulate cool environment for them to grow, like Sweden in a way. But once we reduce the amount of sunlight, the chance of blooming will be greatly reduced...

    Rainfield61 ~ I hope the plants will get pregnant soon and produce babies..

    Tatyana ~ It is never easy to grow plants from cooler climate. We can always try again and again and change the parameters a bit each time...


  7. Bang chick mana dapat seed sweet peas nie?ada jual ke kat market?

  8. Yuzie... seeds purchased from supermarket. RM2 per packet, i think....


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