Monday, October 25, 2010

Clitoria ternatea: the third, fourth and fifth

It's very much a waiting game. The first plant produced white flowers and the second blue. The third is hinting what is to be expected , a pale shade of white. All of single petal. After a while, the branches combine in a big mass producing flowers all over with a mixture of white and blue flowers. Too bad I cant stay in Putrajaya much longer to see how white really blend with blue.

single petal clitoria ternatea:  first, second and third plant

the first plant: white
The first plant and second plant blend well, white and blue. 
It seems blue is more than white.

 The first clitoria ternatea with white flower 
and an aging blue flower at the far end.
The second clitoria ternatea: blue flower

The third clitoria ternatea : white

 the first bean, i do hope it matures within a week

the second bean, still tiny

the fourth and fifth clitoria ternatea plants

I did try germinating the double petal clitoria ternatea. Out of three seeds, one germinated early and is now growing in a container. The second one appeared 3 weeks later, now still in tiny little pot. The third is still sleeping.  With Clitoria Ternatea, each seed is unique. They are so independent that they choose their own time to break the seed coat, and show the their green first pair of leaves. They are different from amaranths where germination is orchestrated brilliantly in big mass and almost instantaneous.

 double petal blue clitoria ternatea in a pot, the fourth plant.

 another double petal clitoria ternatea, still a baby, the fifth plant.



  1. Banchik, looks like you have a good harvest to make pulut inti and nasi kerabu biru!

  2. Autumn Belle ~ Kakdah hasn't tried anything yet with "bunga kacang telang".

  3. Bangchik, I've been trying to find the white clitoria species for like years. I've the indigo variety for both single and double petal.

    If it's not too much trouble, would you be kind enough to post seeds to me. I'll pay for posting.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. S.O.Z
    ~ I am sorry..., those were plants I grew last year in Putrajaya . I left them still climbing on trellis. I don't know what happen now. I only have double petal blue clitoria now, which grow and flower profusely.


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