Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sweet corns, first to join.

Sweet corn is not new here. We grew sweet corns during the first half of  last year with some measure of success. Now sweet corns are coming back with a new role to play.  They form a major component as in the Legend of Three Sisters Garden. 

I am facing this problem again and again. Ten  old corn seeds failed to germinate except for one. Then I quickly rush to Mydin supermarket to purchase a new packet of sweet corns seeds.  Now the new seedlings join the sole representative of the earlier batch in the garden bed that was once filled with Ulam Raja, Marigolds, Amaranth tricolour, Spinach, peanuts and raddish. They are transplanted as in the design of Three Sisters Garden.with a little bit of modification.

the first trio of sweet corns.
Notice the bigger plant as the sole representative of the old seeds batch.
All sort of seedlings appear as a result of self seeding, mainly spinach, amaranth, and ulam raja. These will be pulled out and some will be scooped out to another location.

the second trio of sweet corns
Peanut plants are visible at the top. I think some peanuts 
from the earlier plants are still in the ground and they germinate. 
I am going to leave those in for a while 
before winged beans really grow.

So corns are the first to join the Legend of Three Sisters. 
Winged beans were sown direct into the ground and so far nothing happen yet. The third component is pumpkins, which are now in tiny pots. One seed has rooted and is pushing the first pair of leaves up. The rest are still quiet.
There will be regular updates on the development of Three Sisters.

Putrajaya Malaysia


  1. 3 sister planting it super duper brilliant - well done you - hugs xx

  2. Good luck with your sweet corn growing.

    The gardening programs where I live tell us to plant them together to support each other and to assist with pollination.

  3. I sow 6 seeds of sweet corn and only 1 emerge so far! May be they are a bit demanding!

    Can't wait to see your 3 sister plants grow!

  4. Haven't tried sweet corn in my garden. What variety would you advise? Thanks.

  5. I hope your corn is tall and as sweet as its name! In the US its been said that the corn isn't ready to harvest until it's as high as an elephants eye. Weird saying, since we don't have elephants!! :0)


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