Monday, October 18, 2010

The end of winged beans

We are so used to life and death in gardening. It is part and parcel of the whole big kingdom of plants; to live and to die. Now is the turn for winged beans. What a life, a tiny seedlings in April, having  trellis to climb in May, fruiting in September and ready to go in October, in a space of  7 months. We have endless supply of crunchy winged beans over 2 months. Friends and neighbours are not forgotten.

trellis dismantled: the end of winged beans at the front porch

fresh winged beans: young and old.

fresh winged beans: sliced

 dry winged beans: seed pods open.

winged beans: the seeds.

The seed coat is hard,  therefore winged bean will take its own sweet time  to break and germinate. From previous attempts they seem to start off  well during rainy season when soil is wet and temperature a little bit cool.  Winged beans, just like any other bean plants has roots that affect the nitrogen level in the soil. the next plants, veggies or whatever would love the fresh and fertile soil, previously treated by winged beans.



  1. It is lovely to learn of your wing beans. . . they had a good life and were very generous with you. I love the sliced view. Soon you can start anew with the seeds they have given you. ;>)

  2. seronok nye... kita dah ade benih... tapi nak menyemai tak sempat la asyik beraya je... sah abis raya asyik kenduri la pulak :)

  3. The winged beans has served you well! Time to start afresh! It's a wonderful cycle.

  4. Your winged beans have been so generous! Soon you will have new supply of winged beans from the seeds!

  5. It seems that your wing beans has spread its wings and flew off like an angel. It has left behind some babies to fill your garden with happiness and once again enrich the soil.

  6. I guess you are practicing crop rotation. Wing beans will be moving location, to greener pastures.

  7. I have never seen or heard of "winged peas", they really are quite beautiful to look at and I suspect delicious to eat...always enjoy visiting your garden...Theanne and Baron...starting over...formerly (Annie's 25X25 Garden)

  8. I can see why they are called winged beans! Hope you get more beans!


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