Sunday, December 12, 2010

Angry monsoon clouds

Monsoon is raging in December. It wasn't hiding anything when an aerial display of its power caught my attention around Gua Musang R & R area.

 Gua Musang R&R is an interesting place to rest tired limbs 
after a long drive towards KELANTAN.
(camera towards one end)

 when clouds came low and heavy, 
it had something to prove.
(camera towards the other end)



  1. Those are some angry looking clouds...the rain that came from those kinds of clouds we called "gully washers" when I was a much rain came down so fast it swept everything away in its path...dirt and all! Thank you for visiting my blog...and commenting about the one close to you a passenger train?

  2. Bangchik, looking at the dark clouds,it was going to be a torrential rain, pouring relentlessly. Im sure Kelantan is gearing up for its annual flood Tanah Merah a low lying area?

  3. I hope the rain is gentler this year.

  4. OOhh... it looks like going to rain heavily. Do you still go back to Cyberjaya so often? Happy and safe journey.

  5. Those clouds look threatening.

  6. What a coincidence. As you watch the wonder of land storm I gaze towards the sea and what the heavy, angry sea brings to shore - monsoon indeed, a time to ponder.

  7. theanne and baron~..... gully washer is mild when it has the potential of flooding the whole low lying areas. Yes, both the passenger and goods train. In fact there is a railway station nearby.

    p3chandran~....... Sungai Kelantan cut across Tanah Merah, so it is low lying.

    One~..... I am hoping monsoon rains show some kindness to my new lawn.

    Milka~.... yes, whenever opportunity arises, I will go back to Bangi, where the two sons stay on their own. Rain is a daily thing in Tanah Merah.

    Jo~...... threatening indeed, as a reminder to mankind not to meddle too much with nature and biodiversity.

    Al-Manar~...... monsoon is like winter, an imposed break from the normal things we keep doing. A time to keep stock of food, ikan masin, ikan pekasam whatever that keeps the requirement of protein to go through the season. oh, we don't do that these days....

    bangchik and kakdah
    Tanah Merah

  8. It's raining and raining more often that some of my carnivorous plants have entered dormancy. Hope the rains don't crush your still tender plants.

  9. aaron... Rains hurt most tender plants.


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