Wednesday, December 15, 2010

flowers for today

Somehow flowers sparkle better and sweeter over here in Tanah Merah. The climate is slightly cooler being in the north of the peninsular. With daily burst of monsoon rains, temperature dips further. Kakdah added a few orchids to her orchids collection.  The rest of flowering plants are those brought here from Putrajaya. The plants had to travel far, for a week succumb to jet lag (or rather lorry lag) , and now they are back to their flowering mood.

 an orchid

 another orchid

the orchid viewed from the top

 the colour is orange.

a cluster of flowers
Oxalis Triangularis

 a cluster jutting out from the rest
 Oxalis Triangularis

basil flower

 white rain lily

clitoria ternatea double petal
or bunga telang



a different lantana



  1. What a happy discovery! I am happy for you and your plants :-D Lovely blooms btw. I hope your veges will flourish better in Tanah Merah also.

  2. Kakdah's orchids are beautiful...and the other flowers, such lovely happy all the flowers are adjusting to their new home!

  3. Beautiful blooms! It's nice to see something so bright when it's dreary in my backyard.

  4. Very beautiful flowers!
    I like the little yellow orchid.
    Is great to see your garden all bloomed. It looks like they are doing great at their new home.

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  6. Fresh flowers for the new home, they are lovely.

  7. di mana Tenah Merah? There is a place in Singapore.

  8. Show us the way to Bangchik's garden in Tanah Merah! Whatever the weather, things grow:)

  9. Hey! You do have a lot of flowers considering that this is a very new garden. Beautiful flowers!

  10. Have never tried to grow Orchids here... mebbe i will give it a try soon specially the orange one. Our veggie patch is looking good after almost one month and begin'g to flower. The carrots n raddish are almost ready n we have started to devour the spinach n mustard. Thx for inspiring us with your post.

  11. Love the beautiful flowers, especially your orchid. It's good to know your plants are happier there!

  12. Kak Dah's feminine touch has done it again for your new garden in Tanah Merah!

  13. Dear Bangchik, The orchid is so delicate, so lovely, it warmed my heart. P.

  14. Such a pretty blooms! I like the purplish white flower!

  15. Steph:.... Veggie just like fish. Monsoon time, they are expensive due to lower haul and harvest. Most delicate veggie can't cope with monsoon downpour.

    Theanne:.... they have gone over the "lorry lag".

    Appalachian Feet:.... something we over here have taken for granted... flowering all year round.

    fer:.... that yellow orchid is very common. They grow well with minimal care, so they dont fetch high price.

    Doc:... yes fresh flowers coming from old plants.

    Ann:... There is one Tanah Merah in Kelantan.

  16. Love all your pretty blooms. They seems to be at home in your new garden. That's really good!

  17. Really pretty blooms for today!

  18. ~milka
    Pity them, potted plants had to endure such a long journey. We manage to stop as we like, eat, drink and ease ourselves. But plants just endure things... yea, lorry lag.

    Gardening is fun. Come and see for yourself the next time you overshoot to Kelantan.

    Not too many, but enough to keep Kakdah smiling everytime she opens the front door.

    ~Ever Green Tree
    Good luck to your vegetable gardening. hopefully the harvest is bountiful. I am a little bit reluctant to push through veggie, considering the monsoon rains.

    It is cooler here, so the plants and blooms are happy.

    flowering plants is very much kakdah's territory...... I just help here and there.

    Yes, they are delicate indeed. But we can never guess when the orchid is ready to bloom...

    We grow Purplish white flower plants in two pots. They just grow and bloom all the time.

    bangchik and kakdah

  19. ~kitchen flavours
    I guess they are coming to terms, accepting the new home.

    Thanks Wendy.... Kakdah is definitely happy with her flowers.

    bangchik and kakdah
    Tanah Merah, Kelantan


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