Saturday, December 18, 2010

A frog, a spiderman

Both of us went out for a light dinner, having a plate of char koew teow each. Ais bandung eased the food down. The place, Restoren Bakso was just 300 metres away. Reaching home, Kakdah took the camera and started practicing with night shots.  She was quite surprised to find a spiderman clinging on a bamboo stake.

a frog, a spiderman

the big eye
 that special spiderman pose!
what a frog, ready to jump and bite intruders.

to the frog, we were quite harmless afterall.

then the frog went off to its resting pose.
the skin matched the patterns on bamboo stake, such a camourflage.

bangchik and kakdah


  1. The color of the flog is almost same with the wood where the flog is hanging on. It's very difficult for me to recognize it! The flog shows your place is still so warm that some creatures are active.
    In Osaka where I live the temperature have down to almost 0C at night!

  2. I thought the spiderman would cling onto Kakdah's camera after this.

  3. Kakdah's night shots are quite good...I learn new things from you both all the time...didn't know there were frogs that attack and bite!

  4. The colouring of the frog is very clever - it blends in so well with the bamboo. Very good protection.

  5. You are right! Spiderman poses like a frog!!! I was taking photos of a shiny green spider and it did not remind me of spider man at all. It jumped onto my camera lens. I was so stupid to chase it away from the camera. Should have just clicked and see what comes out.

  6. ~takaeko
    We wear cloths to suit a particular occasion, frogs change colour of skin, or they choose surroundings that match with their skin.

    probably it will do that. Or simply go away, hating the flashes.

    Frogs are harmless. I dont think that one will bite. They are toothless, aren't they?

    They dont go and buy cloths, but they do "abra cadabra" and their skins change.

    That spiderman pose is special.. look at the little fingers. Spiderman does that to climb walls...

    bangchik and kakdah

  7. The colour of the frog really match the bamboo! I have seen this type of frog before. Mine was light brown in colour!


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