Sunday, December 5, 2010

The wilderness of nature

 Nature has its own tempo, best seen in its wilderness, untouched, unhindered. I was traveling up towards Kelantan when nature in its wilderness attracted my attention. The camera was ever ready to click. It was around Bentong area, just before Petronas R&R.

 weeds in abundance is a beauty

 weeds in abundance is a beauty
 weeds in abundance is a beauty
 weeds in abundance is a beauty
 a close-up

another close-up

 I don't know what the flower was,
it looked wild to me at least where it was blooming, 
definitely not planted by anyone there.

and the following are pictures
taken at Petronas R&R Bentong.

 a dragonfly on concrete

 another view of the dragonfly

 a pigeon and a piece of food

many came to join,
i am not too sure if they really share or fight for it.

Tanah Merah, Kelantan MALAYSIA


  1. Beautiful photos, Bangchik - and what unusual color on that dragonfly!

  2. Dear Bangchik, For one horrible minute I thought the pigeon was eating the dragonfly. Beautiful pics. P.

  3. How wonderful all of those wild flowers look. A sea of lavender. Wow, that is the most gorgeous Dragonfly. What wild colors!Beautiful.

  4. I'm so happy you enjoy weeds too, some weeds are incredibly beautiful, even their wildness is beautiful...after all that's how nature was ages ago! That is the most colorfully spectacular dragonfly I've ever seen, most I've seen in the states are brownish, grayish or bluish...never that lovely red!

  5. That red dragonfly is really something. Those wild flowers are there not by mistake. They are there to make our surrounding wonderful.

  6. Those are some cute weeds. The ones I have are always plain and boring. That red dragonfly is common in my house.

  7. Wow, the red dragonfly is gorgeous. I have never seen one that color. The ones here in the states are typically a blue or gray color. I am glad to see someone else has a love for natural beauty of nature. You do an amazing job with your photographs of capturing that natural beauty.

  8. I've seen these purple flower weeds but not in such abundance. Do they remind you of 'Little House in the Prairie'?

  9. I am loving the colors in your photos. Especially the red Dragonfly, and the lavender of the [is a convolvulous?].

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. Beautiful weeds! I have seens them in my parents garden back in hometown!
    The purple flower do look a bit like morning glory but the leaves are obviously not!
    the dragonfly looks so colourful! I bet the pigeon will be fighting! hahahha...

  11. your garden and lawn development is fast, and the plants seem to be growing very well. But i love the slight wilderness shown by these purple weeds. I often take photos of these things too.

  12. JGH~...... dragonfly comes in various colour here. Black and red are most typical.

    Pam~..... thanks, pigeons are quite selective in the eating habit.

    Hocking Hills Gardener~.....That weed can be found almost anywhere in Malaysia. Its light purple lavender like flowers is most beautiful if cultivated in clusters or rows. I have grown that in Putrajaya, but Mother in law was quite surprised on her visit and quickly asked kakdah " growing weeds?".

    Stephanie~.... trees, weeds, plants whatever, are with us with purpose. Beauty probably is one of many things they can offer.

    Rainfield61~..... Thanks, I have been doing cross country driving lately.

    Aaron~..... That weed can be found easily. Next time, take a matured flower and spread them. They are not fussy..

    ~bangchik and kakdah
    taman harmoni
    tanah merah, Kelantan

  13. Theanne and Baron~..... I took pictures near a waterfall which was a heaven to dragonflies as they darted over water. There were two types, black and red.

    Mr. J~..... thanks for the visit. Nature is a beauty. We can easily miss that fascinating beauty living in a concrete jungle we have created.

    One~..... Anything in abundance is a beauty. But weeds seldom conquer a big area like in the picture. I have seen lalang taking over a hill and their long white flowers wave beautifully.

    Muddy Boot Dreams~.... I googled "convolvulous", a few pictures matched with that single flower in the post.

    Malar~..... Even when they fight over food, they do it in a friendly manner.

    Andrea~.... I purposely grow plants early to provide strategic landmarks to create the early feel of a garden. Lawn is definitely a quick fix to green a bare patch.

    Bangchik and Kakdah
    Taman Kota Harmoni
    Tanah Merah, Kelantan

  14. I read in a New Zealand gardening mag that there are red ladies fingers. Have you seen them?


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