Monday, December 27, 2010

Tanah Merah Agro Exhibition 2010

It was far too early for most, when we drove to Tanah Merah Agro Exhibition on Friday 24th of December 2010. Most stalls were not opened yet, but we just moved from stall to stall to see what's in there. It was comparatively small compared to MAHA exhibition recently held in Serdang, but I suppose it was enough to rekindle awareness about gardening, green, agriculture and business related to them.

Kakdah stopped at the fruit stall and brought home 2 pineapples and a bunch of banana. She forgot to check the variety for pineapple purchased, but banana was fairly easy to recognised. The banana was of Rastali variety, sweet and delicious.

There were boys playing football at the adjacent football field. Football must have created some kind of craze here after Kelantan emerged as the champion of Malaysian FA Cup early November this year.

There were men walking towards a small field nearby carrying colourful bird cages.
These were birds lovers.

the referee

The young man caught my attention because he was so absorbed with the bird competition. He was doing all he could to persuade his candik so keep on singing.

The young man was whistling, imitating his candik

The young man was clicking his fingers.

Another man (in red) joined in.

The young man was leaning forward and clicking.

The man in red went back with the crowd, probably his candik had put up a tremendous show, but the young man went on supporting his bird untiringly.

I couldn't get close enough to do a close-up,
this picture from marlia blogspot is good enough 
to see what's candik all about.

burung candik
(from s0ul )
We didn't wait to see who emerged as champion, Two pineapples and a bunch of banana were the only thing Kakdah brought home.  Definitely, candik competetion was the highlight of the exhibition at least for both us.

bangchik and kakdah


  1. The burung candik is a beautiful bird and the young man encouraging his bird during competition very interesting. Hope Kakdah's pineapple as delicious as the bananas!

  2. It is a beautiful bird! The crest on its head reminds me of our red cardinals.

    What a wonderful market. It looks like you had a very nice time!

  3. Bird competition sounds interesting to me too!
    I hope you will have a nice dessert with the pineapple and bananas!

  4. Haha, base on how he has reacted, I do not think the young man won the contest.

  5. Thank you for an virtual experience I have never seen before, plus a bird I never saw either. I was glad you had a photo. The winning bird has the prettiest song? They do not look like a bird easily trained though. All birds are smart, but some not so easily trained.

  6. Great to visit your site when it is so cold here in Scotland. The young guy encouraging his bird to sing, (wonderful!)

  7. Theanne
    Yes, burung candik is beautiful, and young man probably was whistling sweeter than his own bird.. haha.

    garden girl
    Our visit to the place was short but memorable especially the candik competition. I googled "red cardinals", yes almost the same except for the colour.

    We ate them fresh, finished within two days... haha.

    I guess you are right, may be his burung candik refused to sing altogether that day.
    I heard someone saying the competition was about prettiest song and the continuity of song.

    The young man probably lost his voice when he got home....

    ~bangchik and kakdah
    Pameran Pertanian di Tanah Merah


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