Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Cherating to Tanah Merah, a view

On the 22nd of December, we started the journey home from Cherating very early in the morning.  We drove through coastal road, passing through places like Kemaman, Dungun, Kuala Terengganu and getting back inland through Kuala Berang. Whenever we came across an interesting view, we stopped for a breather and clicked. So the journey was terribly long....

 a roadside view around Marang.

 another roadside view around Marang

 a view of paddy field around Pasir Puteh

 a view of paddy field
at Kampung Banggol Judah, close to Machang.

It was during this journey home, that we visited nurseries along the way. Then the impatience grew as we asked about miracle berry plants. I will post the story tomorrow.

Bangchik and Kakdah
pemandangan dari Cherating ke Tanah Merah.


  1. it would take me a long time to make that drive, since the views are so beautiful! Thanks for making all the stops and taking the pictures!

  2. So beautiful pictures of your fantastic country.
    I hope that´ll visit it sometime.

    Have a great end of this year and a fantastic start of the year that is coming soon.


  3. Beautiful paddy fields...look forward to tomorrows post!

  4. Bring me back to memory how beautiful the drive is there. There was a place called Tanah Merah in Kangaroo Island.

  5. Beautiful view along the roadside!
    Looking forward to read about your miracle berry post!
    Happy holiday and Happy New Year to you and Kakdah!

  6. looking forward to the story - this is a beautiful landscape!

  7. I always love road trip!!! Breathtaking view, beautiful trees, peaceful villages, nice people.

  8. Tatyana
    If the two of us travel, we are quite free to stop to view good scenery. Children may not necessarily enjoy good scenery as parents do.....

    You are most welcome gunilla, scenery is good when it is not wet.

    Paddy fields can offer varying views, green, yellow, and muddy brown depending on age of paddy.

    i know you miss these views, but the sky is open wide for you to fly home. There is also one Tanah Merah in Singapore.

    Thanks in advance. I will see what I can write tonight, and assemble a couple of pictures on miracle berry.

    That's the reason some love using the phrase tropical paradise.

    Ayu Mahayu
    Thanks for the visit. Out of town, people do have time to look at the eyes and smile..... that's the beauty.

    ~bangchik and kakdah
    Berjalan-jalan sekitar Malaysia

  9. Nice serene photographs, away from busy KL! would love to know more about the miracle berry!

  10. Beautiful trip photos! It looks a little bit like the coast around here... except without the mountains!

    Your recent miracle berry post would be great in the next issue of How to Find Great Plants. If you're willing to submit it, the deadline is December 31st and this is the link explaining how to enter:


  11. kitchen flavours
    KL offers showcase kind of garden... Outside, its wild and natural.

    Appalachian Feet
    Thanks, I have submitted miracle berry post for the issue of How to Find Great Plants. I hope I did it right.


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