Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seeds from Rockville Maryland

What a way to celebrate the first blogiversary by Wendy in a post dated 17th of July 2010. A high school counselor by day and a landscape architect by night in her dreams as she describes herself, Wendy did a  1st blogiversary giveaway! .

I received the giveaway seeds recently and never thought it is going to be that many. Out of the 20 seed types, three are grown for flowers and the rest are fairly standard vegetables. I googled and paste the relevant link for future use and others to learn as well. It definitely become handy when we get on with it.....

  1. French Summer Thyme [Thyme 'French Summer]
  2. Giant of Italy Parsley  [Grow fresh parsley]
  3. Cilantro [Growing Cilantro]
  4. Chinese Long Bean
  5. Luffa Gourd (sponge) 2 pcts  [ Growing Luffa Sponges at Luffa]
  6. Luffa Gourd (angled)
  7. Wax Gourd  [Wax Gourd]
  8. Marketmore 76 cuke
  10. Malabar Spinach [How to Grow Malabar Spinach]
  11. Heirloom Acres Lettuce
  12. Charentais melon [Growing Charentais melon]
  13. Asian sweet melon (2 packets) [Grow Juicy Sweet Watermelons]
  14. Calabrese green sprouting brocoli  [ Organic Green Sprouting Calabrese Broccoli]
  15. Thai eggplant
  16. Carrot kuroda long
  17. Thai Burapa Hot Pepper 
  18. Cleome [How to Grow Spider Flower Plant]
  19. Marigold  
  20. Imperial Star Antichoke [Artichoke Plant 'Imperial Star']

We thought, trying out Thyme first will be a good idea. After going through the information available, growing thyme is not going to be an easy one. First, it will take 3 weeks at least for thyme to germinate. Somehow that will coincide with Hari Raya celebration which requires us to be away for a few days. We don't want baby seedlings to cry and die hungry. Knowing that thyme have excellent fragrance and antibacterial elements, the adventure should be worthwhile...

 Wendy, Cheers!

bangchik and kakdah, PUTRAJAYA Malaysia


  1. How wonderful to receive seeds from abroad...again!!!

    Out of curiousity, how are the seeds packed?

  2. I wanted to ask Wendy about those blog anniversary seeds giveaway but I don't think it could get pass through the australia quarantine department. Selamat berpuasa.

  3. Well congrats to Wendy on her one year blogiversary. A big feat indeed. And congrats to you for sharing in it by receiving a bunch of seeds. I bet they'll give you many years of joy.

    Wow on the pretty butterfly below!!

  4. Wendy is very generous with the seeds and you are very generous with the info sharing. This is like a Hari Raya gift in advance!

  5. Wow, so sweet of Wendy for giving such giveaways. I love thyme and I am planning to plant some this Spring Season. I have rosemary, parsley and coriander growing in my graden. Thank you for sharing the information.

  6. ~One
    in little packets, smaller than those we normally buy from nurseries or stores... and with handwritten labels!

    it came in a half A4 envelope, with the big chop "DILEPASKAN oleh Kastam".... selamat berpuasa to you too...

    thanks, when the plants grow later, i can send the saved seeds (grown in Malaysia) back to Maryland... haha.

    I do gardening post everyday, therefore things like seeds giveaways has to be included so I wont forget... Definitely a Hari Raya gift!

    first attempt with Thyme.. hope they grow well with lovely fragrance... good to your herbs..


  7. SO you were one of the lucky ones! I wish you much success with your seeds!

  8. Congratulations on your big haul of seeds! You will have so much fun experimenting with them. Enjoy!

  9. ~Rosey.
    I hope the seeds don't really mind the new land where summer runs all year long...

    Gardening is like going to school. To learn and to have fun. My garden is small, so seeds are queuing to do their act.


  10. Hi Bangchik - wow, you've done your research! :)

    I hope you enjoy them!


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