Friday, August 27, 2010

A silvery painting ~by Sun

Putrajaya, Malaysia.


  1. What a beautiful sky.Just a gorgeous picture.

  2. The sky is so beautiful!! Nature is wonderful!

  3. It rained at my place today and the weather was gloomy just before that. I donno how such wonderful sky appeared at your end? :) God must have painted it for lucky ones like you. But with some drops on my roses today, I managed to get good few photos and the weather was extra cool and gentle to me. So I am happy to settle for just that..:)

  4. Thanks for the visits and comments about nature's painting of a sunset.

    The sky is specific to a locality. The beautiful sky changes every second, but it holds the beauty in tact before the whole skyline is erased for the next sunset. But the magical moment is so brief.....



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