Sunday, August 22, 2010

Giving clitoria ternatea a room

 There is a change in plan, clitoria ternatea are not going to be planted directly outside the kitchen window. We shift the site 2 meters away. Kakdah will still enjoy the view,  at a diagonal which is a bit to the left. The two plants are protected by the shade of sunflowers which is blooming right now. Within a month, that bush of sunflowers will go, then clitoria will have the whole bed to themselves with trellis to climb.

a pair of clitoria ternatea near sunflower plants.

close-up of clitoria ternatea

Putting trellis up, 
will not disturb what sunflowers are busy doing right now, 
that is yellowing and flowering, 
before blue become a new colour
for that site.



  1. You plan, and they take their turn.

    You are the master.

  2. They look very healthy...2metre away not far and the sunflower as a bonus.

  3. ~rainfield
    Infact there are little masters in the garden, each gripping hard on their own survival and fate. I am like the town planner. They are people. I try to meet their needs...

    Cute as any little babies.... Their true cuteness is much later, when they show their true colour.

    It should be ok 2 metres away, but kakdah has to turn a little bit to view.

    Cheers, bangchik.


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