Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gynura procumbens

 The plant goes by many names; daun sambung nyawa, jian feng wei, scrambling gynura or Gynura procumbens . The plant has been with us for quite sometimes, in a wide pot. It is more or  less, left to grow under the shade of lemon grass. Kakdah will appear and pay the plant a visit once in a while with pruning scissors to cut a shoot for lunch. It is a sweet crunchy salad indeed.

The leaf is said to have the ability to lower blood pressure and sugar levels, to treat diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol imbalances.

Gynura procumbens
or daun sambung nyawa with lemon grass neighbour.

Without much fuss, the plant has rendered service well, as nice potted ornamental plant, offering kakdah an excellent choice of salad or ulam and had been as souvenir  items for friends in the form of cuttings. Surprisingly the plant propagates well through cuttings.



  1. I eat this every day! It's a very vigorous, fast-growing plant.

  2. Grower Jim.
    So much energy in them...

  3. bang it yummy to eat with sambal belacan?

  4. Yuzie
    Yummy, very nice. Sedap, enak. These sum up the taste. It goes well with sambal belacan.

  5. Bangchik, Thank you for introducing this plant. Delicious edible plants interest me greatly.

  6. I never seen Gynura before! infact never heard about them!
    So useful ulam!

  7. One
    The leaves a lot thicker than most ulam\salad. Very crunchy!

    Available in most nurseries I think. Sambung nyawa is the name to ask for..


  8. Sambung Nyawa ~ what a unique name. I haven't try this before. Is it being served as ulam in our regular nasi campur stall/shop? If yes, next time I can ask for it. I love eating ulam. And as a fellow Malaccan, we always have sambal belacan as a condiment during meals.

  9. JC.
    Some stalls include sambung nyawa leaves in the list of ulam. The taste is alright, sedap!

  10. This is something new to me! I may have seen it at some stalls selling nasi campur with lots of ulam on the tray, I do sometimes wonder about the different veggies on the tray. Interesting!

  11. Kitchen flavours.
    You may have seen it at nasi campur stalls. The usual ulams would be ulamraja, selom, pucuk gajus, petai and so on. Next time give sambung nyawa a try.. You will never forget its crunchiness! ....bangchik

  12. Does anyone have a clipping of this or a small rooted plant I could buy? I'm looking for some, and don't know how to find it.
    they are shippable. I have an american address and a canadian address.
    santinobee @ gmail . com

  13. I live in Winnipeg, Canada, does anyone know where I could buy/order this plant?

  14. I forgot to leave my email address for the above request about where to acquire a plant? It's
    Thank you so much, any help is greatly appreciated.

  15. ~S.

    Gynura procumben can be propagated through cuttings. We have done that many times, with 100% success rate. Friends and visitors had been taking home cuttings for their garden.

    I am sot sure if cuttings can be shipped. I will inquire if that can be done and let you know.

  16. I am trying to get this plant, and from researching online, it is entirely too expensive from the suppliers I found. Do you know of someone to purchase this plant from? Would you be willing to ship?

    please contact me:

    Thank you.

  17. Im trying to buy a cutting, seeds or small plant to ship to the UK, can anyone help me please as i just cant find it over here.
    Im happy to pay a good price for it.
    Many Thanks - Stewart
    Contact me on my email:

  18. Im trying to get hold of Gynura procumbens here in the UK with no luck, if anyone is willing to send me a small plant in the post I would be happy to pay for it and be most appreciative.

    Contact me on

    Many Thanks

  19. Try


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