Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So, are orchids really beautiful?



This isn't the normal orchid we have been seeing at flower show. We have two types, one of yellow colour and this, very much red in colour.
I am still figuring out,
are orchids really beautiful?.



  1. Yes for me they are - some you need to get up pretty close to see them in their full spendour. The one that I don't find as beautiful as others is the Ludsia or Jewel Orchid but what it lacks in flower appeal it makes up for its velvety striped brown and orange leaves.

  2. This orchid is certainly beautiful. I love the red color with the yellow center.

  3. Yeah, they're beautiful, sometimes in a popart sort of way, like with this one. I like them just because they do things like this. Have never seen this one before, thanks for sharing it.

  4. Yes, I think they are. I have two indoor 'Phalaenopsis' orchids and they have just come back into flower.

  5. I think they are gorgeous mainly due to their exotic nature. This one is particularly beautiful.

  6. Some are beautiful and some are really weird... The weird ones almost never get their picture taken, though!

  7. I think they are, indeed, beautiful. Fascinating, too. My dad, at 92, grows a wide variety of them in his sunroom/greenhouse. I always enjoy studying their unique characteristics when we visit.

  8. ....Some orchids are not very attractive. I guess this is the case of this orchid - Reed Orchid. But there are some species of this kind which are sold fairly expensive.
    So, again.. beauty is at the Eye of the Beholder.

  9. Nice colour! The flower has an unusual shape.

  10. They are to me, Bangchik! All of them. I love the colors on this one. I know some people are put off by the alien looking petals, but they draw me like a moth to a flame.

  11. leavesnbloom
    jodi (bloomingwriter)
    Poetic Shutterbug
    Hank Moorlag
    James Missier

    Thanks everyone.... Thats a fair conclusion by jackie about the weird ones almost never get their picture taken.... This orchid is not the typical one. Most would grow the one that gives out pretty colourful big bloom.

    This orchid is of 'epidendrum'. I did a post on this orchids in April last year, and the name was suggested by Sunita (a blotanist too)

    Oh, at 92, Hank's Dad is going into orchids. That's very good!!

    The way most of you go about it.., it is safe to conclude that Orchids are really exotic and beautiful!!

    Cheers, and have a great day.


  12. Thanks Frances. Yea, the colour is a bit unusual, reddish pink or pinkish red?.. Huh, a moth to a flame?. Orchids in general are so lovely....

  13. All orchids to me are beautiful. They are delicate, and have a certain beauty about them.

    Can you email me when you get a chance. You can email me through my Kontactr on my side bar! Thanks!!!

  14. I sure consider orchids beautiful... yours seem to be dancing! Lovely photographs.

  15. Dirt Princess

    Thanks for the comments. Orchids are really beautiful. Even when they are really beautiful, we can still elements of beauty in them....

    Dirt Princess... I will get to you through email..

    Putrajaya, Malaysia.


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