Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taxation on cucumber.

our cucumber plants

The two plants are growing at a reasonable pace.  The leaves are big and very green. We have cucumbers sowed and planted concurrently with bitter gourds. But bitter gourds are well ahead. Now little bugs are coming in for a feast on slow growing cucumber. They start off from the edges. I wish I know their name...

 bugs on cucumber leaves

they work outside in....

has imposed taxation 
on cucumber leaves



  1. Looks like some sort of cucumber beetle. There are cucumber beetle traps you can get. Or if the plants are still small you can cover them. Best bet is to just pick them off and destroy them or feed them to the birds!

  2. Hi,
    It is the first time, I look at this insect.

  3. Oh dear, I hope these tax collectors don't take too much from your plants.

  4. hahaha Bangchik, what a beautiful way to refer to what the insects eat. I wonder what will be your term if all the leaves will be taken, maybe it will be forfeiture? Sometimes whole plants are eaten, and sometimes whole plantation if swarms of insects happen to be hatching at the same time.

  5. Looks cute, but hope they don't destroy your plants!

  6. Carla ~ there are so many flowers but none seems to evolve into a cucumber. I have'nt seen beetle trap sold here, but i have been picking these beetles whenever i have a chance..

    Ellada ~ rare beetles in my garden. They really make cucumber leaves their home.

    Rebecca @ In The Garden ~thanks rebecca... It is just a way to look at the other side of coin. They win, we lose, at other times we come in with big win...


  7. Curbstone Valley Farm ~i hope tax collectors will make rounds into someone else garden.

    Andrea ~ They are imposing tax within the tolerable limit at the moment... It depends on who will get really mad first... the gardener or tax collector. I remembered about a movie where Mr Joe Black came in as a guy from tax office....

    AaronVFT ~ they are still ok for the moment.


  8. Are bitter gourds similar to bitter melons? They do sell them here in the Asian markets, but I have never tried them.


  9. The same plant goes by many names. Bitter gourd and bitter melon refer to the same exotic plant. There are one or two subspecies as well....


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