Sunday, August 1, 2010

An approach in container gardening.

Container gardening is versatile

on parsley
I have been trying to grow parsley from seeds without any success. I have grown parsley with those bought from the store before. Recently Kakdah bought parsley. She cut off the stalks and leaves except for the shoots and keep them in refrigerator. I place the remaining stumps in a container.


on serai or lemon grass
This is not the way lemon grass is normally grown. Kakdah cut off the usable part leaving a small portion at the base. The top parts are used for her masak lemak tempoyak ikan patin. The remaining portions are placed into a container with the hope that they will sprout little babies.

freshly cut serai or lemon grass

serai or lemon grass
old and new

on chili
Kakdah did an overhaul work at the front porch. She cleans up the place and does some minor adjustment. She took out pots with young chili in and place them under the bushes of marigold. After a while, the pots are forgotten. A month later, I saw these little chili struggling for breath and space to grow. I did total pruning on the bigger one, and leave the smaller one untouched.  Within a week, the pruned chili gear up all its energy to sprout new and fresh looking leaves.

small chili
the new branches and shoots, after a total pruning.

the bottom half

total pruning and undisturbed

on Kale
this is not about kale, but the container itself. I am accidentally into recycling...
cooking oil plastic container recycled with kale

on pennywort
pegaga or pennywort

the container will slowly be filled with water.

a little pond.



  1. I read that parsley seeds takes a long time to germinate ( about a month?). Hope the parsley grow.

  2. I like your recycling ideas of cooking oil bottles Bangchik and your pegaga is cute in that little container..

  3. I love that little pond! How cute and it's cool how you reused the bottle!! Nice!!

  4. Bangchik, I planted parsley with seeds. I only got one plant. Planting serai purchased from Tesco didn't work for me. I drove all the way to Sg Buloh to get a potted one. Now I have ample. will be happy to give you some if interested.

  5. malaykadazangirl
    that's what i read too.., a month.

    too many bottles lying around, more will join...

    recycled bottles may not look very ornamental.. but it serves the function for now.

    thanks, cute as any baby plants.

    We do have a few clusters of serai in the garden tucked somewhere at the corner. I normally grow serai the whole piece..., never fail so far. But using the base to grow is a new approach, i really want to see how far they go...


  6. i really admire kak dah efforts to plant lemon grass in her way bcos lemongrass is easy to grow the tradisonal way..hehehe..btw is the water pegaga can really be eaten? i have one pot but thts only for beautifying purpose.

  7. Good luck with parsley.. If it work.. I am gonna do the same..hahaha..

  8. ~waliz.
    you are right about how easy growing lemongrass is. Just put the whole piece in a little hole, and it will grow. But this is just a technique worth trying to satisfy the child curiosity... haha. That pegaga can definitely be eaten, however it is wise not to eat them in large quantity.


  9. Cath J
    I had a hunch that it is going to work.....

  10. I have just scattered some parsley seeds two days ago. I planted them before, it does take a longer time to germinate, about 3 weeks (coriander is about 2 to 3 weeks too). I have also planted parsley bought from the market before. I cut off the big older stamps leaving only the roots and a few young stamps. It grew, but after awhile, the plants died, I guess from not enough water! (guilty! working a full-time job at that time and do not have the time to take care of the plants! And it shows!) Good luck to yours.

  11. Hey Bangchik, Kakdah, getting innovative? That's great. I love to see new experiments working. Makes gardening so fun when new discoveries are made :-D

  12. ~Kitchen Flavours
    Yeap, it is tough to be a part time gardener. "Balik kampung" is a worrying trip when we have baby seedlings around. I don't think I will have the patience to see parsley germinating. A month is long... and if the present technique works, then one problem will be solved.

    Others have tried successfully what we are struggling and keep trying. Growing vegetables is really an adventure.

    ~bangchik and kakdah

  13. I have thrown away numerous bottles that I could have used for this purpose. Good idea.
    Keep trying with the parsley.

  14. I love growing in containers and thought at least my container garden would be safe from the rabbit clan that has made it impossible for me to grow veggies... but oh no... they have now wiped out all my plants except for the salvia and marigolds. I look forward to seeing your plantings fill out Bangchik. ;>)

  15. Rosey,
    Free pots ahould not be thrown away. It should be fun with transparent container, because we can see where the roots going.. Haha.

    Oh, rabbits wiping your plants, so sorry. There is no rabbits here, but neighbour's cats do give problems. They leave their poo in our pots!

    Cheers, have a happy day.
    ~bangchik and kakdah.


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