Monday, August 2, 2010

Pak Choy 5th update ~ almost there

pak choy 
sawi putih

pak choy in deep container

pak choy in deep container

pak choy in shallow container

1st posting on pak choy serial:  Pak Choy stage by stage.
2nd posting on pak choy serial: Pak Choy adding more leaves
3rd posting on pak choy serial:  Pak Choy third update 
4th posting on pak choy serial:  Pak Choy, the fourth update.
5th posting on pak choy serial: 
Week 1 ~ first pair of leaves
Week 2 ~ second pair of leaves
Week 3 ~ on average, 6 leaves. the leaves are increasing in size
Week 4 ~ the plants concentrate on increasing the size, new shoots are slow now. 
Week 5 ~ ready to be harvested

It doesn't take long for pak choy to grow and become big, and ends up for a lovely stir fried menu. Looking at pak choy in both pots, we can safely conclude that the amount of sunlight matters much to the growth. The shallow container which is placed at a sunnier place, performs so well.

We are going to harvest them soon,
using the Cut and Come Again technique .



  1. What lovely leaves. They look delicious, I would like to try them one day. :)

  2. I love Pak Choy and would love to be able to grow them.

  3. I have never tasted Pak Choy, but they look delicious :)

  4. Great photos. Love pak choy for soup and stir fry. I am planning to plant some this Spring.

  5. Vegetables really need a good amount of sunshine. You're good in experimenting and analyzing plants!

    Thanks for your guide and Happy harvesting Pak Choy!

  6. Rebecca

    Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. Green leafy vegetable is always nice to look at. The greener the better, at least that will tell the health level of plants. We wouldn't want to eat yellowish and wrinkled leaves.

    But someone was telling me about chlorofil intake. Eating too green a leaf, which means too much chlorofil intake, that will not be good for anyone. I suppose it is alright because we dont eat vegetables by the kilo.


  7. Aaron.
    Pakchoy is quick one.. Can be harvested within 4 to 5 weeks, and of course longer if we want them to grow really big.

  8. i do love my pak choy, we grow a beauitful purple one here - just love how fast it matures :) oh and in a stir fry? - so tasty xx

  9. Only 5 weeks and ready to be harvested? My seeds are still in the packet and you are about to enjoy yours. Going to play catch up. :)

  10. ~Carrie
    Purple pak choy?, that I have to try.

    5 weeks sounds very quick, but if you look at them every day, it is quite slow.. Haha.


  11. Hi Bangchik,
    Can I save seeds from my pac choy, or also called bok choy? They have lots of skinny seed pods and yellow flowers that the bees love. Do I wait for the seeds to dry up or pick them now?

    Your help is appreciated!

  12. ~Rosey
    I seldom keep fast veggie like Pak Choy to maturity. So in trying to answer your specific questions, I use lessons that I learn from other plants. Seeds should be left to mature on the plants. Wait until they dry up then harvest.

    Sorry Rosey, its like 7 months late in replying... :)


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