Wednesday, April 27, 2011

assessing the lawn: 5 months after

No trace of spot turfing.., it's all full , every square inch.
Mowing done three times already, twice with my dependable electrical Bosch combitrim. The only time I get Rusli to help was when it rained the whole week, the grass was long. Bringing the electrical grass cutter in the rain is almost like committing suicide. Rusli has petrol powered grass cutter, so he came and did it.

It is not exactly all cowgrass, There is always some other types of grass, or weeds or creepers within the little lawn. We do weeding from time to time, the obvious would be pulling out thorny mimosa and lalang. But overall, it is still alright to call the lawn "cowgrass lawn", all done within 5 months, well ahead of the kpi (key performance indicator) which is 6 months.

Lawn, after 5 months.
Four papaya plants getting stronger, and  7 roselle plants getting older at  far right. When lawn is green and full, we can just spread picnic mat, and bask for extra tan... aha!

bangchik and kakdah
Tanah Merah home.

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  1. So wish I could grow those here, yum!!

  2. Impressive! What a great looking lawn! Very nice...I'm sure your home is looking quite lovely with such beautiful green grass surrounding it!

  3. Those papaya leaves are magnificent!

  4. The lawn look good. You have achieve ur KPI! That's good looking papaya trees!

  5. I have a little patch of cowgrass in the garden and have not trimmed them since i planted them 3 years ago. So easy to maintain. Lalang cut my hands, remember to wear gloves!

  6. Cow grass is the way to go. Much easier to maintain than others. I'm removing my carpet lawn.

  7. You said it Bangchik, a lovely green lawn to have a picnic!

  8. I'll join your picnic in your lovely garden!

  9. I love that you have your own personal picnic spot, but those papaya trees - I like!!!!! In Hawaii we had several of them but here in Italy I can only dream. Still...I suppose being able to grow other non-tropical fruits is a fair trade-off ^-^

  10. Julia@PolkaDotGaloshes
    Climate is the deciding factor I guess...

    Theanne and Baron
    Lawn replicates what a green world should be, it can be grown, but it has to maintained... cut and weeding. Fertiliser too.

    Kim and Victoria
    I see them everyday, these papaya, so we forget about the magnificent leaves... yes they are exotic.

    I love cowgrass, because it is endemic here. No known disease that worry us, they are strong and hardy. KPI, yeap, even if it's not attainable we can push forward a little bit..

    I cant remember when was the last time I used gloves doing gardening..., not even while pulling out mimosa and lalang.

  11. One
    cowgrass is natural here. Good school padang is always with cowgrass, and they get better year after year...

    It's nice with good lawn, compensating for the lack of flowering plants. Picnic in the garden.. huh, having nasi lemak in the morning!

    kitchen flavours
    By all means, do come and join us, nasi lemak and roselle juice.

    Climate is the final authority on what can or cannot grow in a particular place. I am struggling with sweet peas here!


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