Friday, August 13, 2010

Clitoria ternatea from India is here..

clitoria ternatea 
or kacang telang

 seedling clitoria ternatea
after 5 days

two seedlings of clitoria ternatea
the other two still sleeping.
after 7 days.

clitoria ternatea seedlings 
after 10 days.
The other two still sleeping

Clitoria ternatea seedlings after 12 days.
the other two have given up probably.

Originating from the island of Ternate, Moluccas Indonesia, the seeds do make an interesting  journey from India to Malaysia within the region it should be very familiar with. I could have seen this plant somewhere, but cant really pinpoint exactly where. But now is the opportunity to let them grow right here in our little garden. We discussed, and Kakdah want them somewhere close to the kitchen, so that she can enjoy the bright blue blooms every time she does her cooking.

I really have to sacrifice a row of pokok kadok to let the new member in.



  1. I have only ever seen pictures in obscure plant books, and Thompson and Morgan seed catalouges.

    I have also heard that these flowers are very popular in Japan, due to their rather, [shall I say, feminine] look? I don't want to define it, but that's what I read.

    I would like to see photos of them when they bloom.


  2. Salam.Bang chik how did u geminate this seed?Did u direct put in soil or soak in water for a few hours?
    They look realyy healthy and eager to grow.

  3. Interesting...never saw this plants before.. can't wait to see how it grows..

  4. Bangchik, is this the "bunga telang"? My mom used to grow this for the flowers, which she will dry, and use this to make yummy "nyonya kuih". This is pure, natural food colouring! Are yours the single or double petals? I would love to grow them, but I don't have the space as this is a creeper plant. Kakdah is certainly right, the pretty blue blooms are indeed pleasant to the eyes!

  5. So cute! can't wait to see how they look like.

  6. I took 1 week summer vacation and made trip to a resort which is famous for the beach and seafoods.

    I put photos and comments on " the escape from jobs and daily chores".

  7. The seed adapt very well and growing very fast.

  8. Creating life from seeds is an adventure. Kak Dah is right for having it near the kitchen, she probably have plans to cook nasi kerabu with it, for bunga telang is used as the coloring. Emm.. nasi kerabu with a view to enjoy!

  9. ~Muddy Boot Dreams.
    It may take sometime for the little seedlings to grow and spurt flowers

    I didn't soak. One cm down and water twice, morning and evening.

    ~Cath J.
    we really have to wait for the plants to bear flowers, provided the plants survive... haha.

    ~kitchen flavours.
    Bunga telang yes. I have no idea how the flowers will look like, two petals or about natural colouring, kakdah has suggested to try winged bean flowers... boil the flowers and see what happen.

    I hope the plants survive through and allow us to see the flowers.

    You must have enjoyed the vacation. Will check your blog.

    ~Malay-Kadazan girl
    They seem to be doing fine. 2 out of 4 seeds germinated, that's 50 % success rate.... And they adapt well so far.

    Nasi kerabu for buka puasa! i think the earliest the plants will flower is 8 weeks from now. That's what it says in the references...

    Cheers, have a nice day, and selamat berpuasa.
    bangchik and kakdah.

  10. Kak Dah will soon have the bunga telang! Not only will the blooms be a beautiful subject for her admiration, but they will certainly come handy in her culinary art too.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. ~J.C.
    It is going to be an adventure, because nasi kerabu is still in her favourite list... ~bangchik


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