Friday, April 16, 2010

As it rains.

 It was raining hard. But the sky was quiet,
no lightening fireworks to set the mood
and no loud thundering music to accompany the happening.
As both of us looked out the door,
we could hear the sounds of dropping and splashing.
We could see the rains dancing on the red pedestrian walk.
They flowed along the pavement and crossed the lawn
and disappeared through the drain.

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

After a while, the rain went easy and stopped.
But the leaves were enjoying the last bit,
seeing water flowing down ,
forming little drop at the edge
before jumping off
pushed by its weight

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

pic 8

pic 9

pic 10

Rain has been falling down for zillion of years,
draining the heavy cloud,
clearing up the hazy sky,
bringing life back to the dry land.
As it stopped, the little frogs were croaking
in chorus rejoicing the after climax of the rain.
The soil was moist,
the males croaked continuously  to serenade the females.
There was wetness everywhere.....,
on the road, the leaves
and even in the air.

pic 11

Putrajaya, Malaysia


  1. Now that's a rain! We have the northern version of that here, a big snow that never seems to stop. We got about eight inches yesterday...and here I thought it was spring.

    Christine in Alaska

  2. When it rains, it pours. Stay dry.

  3. Now, I feel like walking and singing in the rain. Everytime it rains, the air becomes fresher and cooler.

    Bangchik, my Bunga Raya post today is dedicated to you for being my first commenter.

  4. Wow - that's a lot of rain! Everything looks so green, lush, and clean.

  5. Your few pictures are showing a lot of water. Hope things didn't wash away.

  6. Looks like it was a good one!

  7. Rain and frogs - you paint a lovely April picture! Our tree frogs chirp loudly at this time of year and we know spring is here.

  8. Now that's a lot of rain.

  9. ~Christine B.
    Sorry to hear about Winter not really gone yet, and not empowering Spring to handle the next stretch of time... But snow is another form of water.

    Rain means gardener got to stay in.., peeping through the door and windows.

    ~Autumn Belle
    There is always that natural urge to play in the rain...., but subdued as we get older.. haha... Thanks for dedicating Bunga Raya to bangchik the gardener... Now I am blushing red...

    Putrajaya, Malaysia

  10. ~garden girl
    Yes.., every time there is rain, within a day or two, plants will get greener. Even grass will change colour.

    Water will get into the soil for the first phase of the rain., then the soil get saturated, forcing water to flow on the surface like a river.

    We do have many heavy rains. It is always good especially when seedlings get washed away or uprooted.

    Putrajaya Malaysia

  11. Correction:

    We do have many heavy rains. It is NOT always good especially when seedlings get washed away or uprooted.

    Putrajaya Malaysia

  12. ~ pamsenglishgarden
    Frogs enjoy Spring in your place and really enjoy rains in tropical regions like ours.

    ~ Jo
    Rains are not terribly heavy around this time of the year. The heaviest is at the end of the year.. Monsoon Time!!

    Putrajaya Malaysia

  13. Sounds like a nice rain. I am glad all your plants and frogs enjoyed it as much as you and Kakdah

  14. ~Jessica
    Rain comes down with such potential.., a giver, to plants, animals and humans as essence of life, and yet a destroyer, when its power is so strong that it sweeps just anything. So lets enjoy when rain comes down in good mood!



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