Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tomato turning orange.

picture 1
a soft hint of orange


picture 3

 picture 4

picture 5 
full orange

picture 6
a hint of orange

There seems to be surprises every now and then, with tomato. It begins early at germination, when one wakes up and see a seedling in upright position, and one wonders when it really happens. First the 1st pair and then the second pair of leaves. The changes are gradual, so slow that we don't really see them happening.

The same with fruits. The colour has been white for weeks. Then a soft touch of green. But today, as the sun is glaring down, with the wetness of last night's heavy rain, the fruits have every reason to change colour!... a definite orange!!

I guess, more will change colour, and the earlier ones will soon ripe. Kakdah has something in her mind, what to do with the first batch of tomatoes. 

How's your tomato? 

Putrajaya Malaysia 


  1. Oh, my tomatoes are still pretty green. My daughter says that she sees a hint of yellow on one of them. It is so exciting waiting to see the tomatoes turn color.

  2. Oh, it will not be long now. Home grown tomatoes are so yummy. I have a very long wait yet for tomatoes. Maybe in July since my plants are 2 inches high LOL!

  3. No tomatoes. I buy from the farmers market. Too cold up here!

    Your tomatoes will be a yummy feast, I am sure!

  4. Here in Kansas my tomato plants are still babies, so there are only dreams of home-grown tomatoes.

  5. aloha bangchik,

    what a beautiful photos of your tomatoes, mine are still baby tomato plants and hopefully they will start bearing some day like yours :)


  6. my tomatoes are in the form of seedlings! Your tomatoes are beautiful! Didn't you JUST post photos of them as seedlings?! That was fast.

  7. OH! KLovely and cute tomatoes! Hope they produces lots of tomatoes for you.

  8. Oh, this post made me remember I have some tomato and basil plants in the car that I bought from a class at the school I work at. I better get them out in the morning.

    I enjoyed your photots.

  9. ~Noelle
    Good luck to your tomatoes too.

    ~Hocking Hills Gardener
    By the time mine is finished, i pop into your blog to please the nostalgia.

    ~Rosey Pollen
    Oh, its still cold there. It's a pleasure to get out of the door and take 3 steps towards the plant, to be welcome by tomatoes.. haha.

    ~David in Kansas
    I do have baby plants in pots too..., ready to be planted on other locations once the fruiting tomatoes are gone.

    Putrajaya Malaysia

  10. ~noel
    Talk to the plants..., they will respond and grow as you wish. haha.

    I have been posting their progress, since little seedlings. Of course they are matured enough to ripen.

    Its good that tomato plants produce fruits in stages..., so we can harvest every weekend for lunch.

    ~Corner Gardener Sue
    Unless you want them to grow in the car!!

    Putrajaya Malaysia.

  11. It won't be long now until you get your first taste. Mine are months away yet.

  12. What beautiful pictures, proving that even veggie gardens can be beautiful. My tomatoes are still small plants, I can't wait until tomato season starts here.

  13. ~ Jo
    You are right Jo, we in fact had taken one or two even before the colour turns orange. Hope yours grow well as the temperature gets warmer.

    ~ ninasgardeningnotebook
    Veggie garden ought to be beautiful especially for a small garden, otherwise getting into garden day in day out is no fun. Talk to your plants and they will grow faster.. haha. Good luck.

    Putrajaya Malaysia

  14. soalan cepumas tu bangchick.. hahahhaha..

  15. ~Cath J
    an innocent question but cepumas.


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