Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cabbage after a month

cabbage 1

cabbage 2

cabbage 3

cabbage 4

I did an earlier post portraying the images of little cabbage seedlings.
. That was early March. Eventually I chose the best 4 to be placed in four containers. Cabbage is our first attempt. I saw in someone's blog about using coconut fiber as a cushion for the eventual cabbage to rest on. It will definitely look neat and clean for cabbage to swell and rest on.

One day,  the weather changed and became a little bit windy. The coconut fibers were blown away. As the wind came to a halt, I slowly look for the blown fiber and put them back. Just to make sure,  four stones were placed on top.

 The info I gathered says 50 - 60 days as days to harvest.
Will the plants swell within the next 30 days?

Putrajaya Malaysia


  1. they look so promising - as they are great eaters you neeed to feed them well - what food you have prepared for them?

  2. Hmmm, they look like they are doing well.

  3. Looking really good!

    Hope they will all grow quickly to bring you the desired cabbage for a good meal :-D

  4. Oh.. this is the way to plant them.. Thank you for sharing.. ^_^

  5. Lovely cabbage plants. I didn’t even sow mine yet!

  6. ~Ewa
    ~Poetic Shutterbug

    Thanks for the reminder that cabbages are great eater. I can imagine why. Just look at the eventual size of cabbages, layers after layers, all folded like a ball. They definitely need food, nutrients and a lot of water to get to that size.

    Basically food is in the form of poultry pellets served on weekly basis, at weekends. I spray liquid organic fertilizer too. Water is twice a day, morning and before sunset.

    I read here (http://www.nysaes.cornell.edu/pubs/fls/OCRPDF/101a.pdf) about cabbages going through several stages before harvest:

    1. Cotyledons
    2. Seedling up to 5 leaves
    3. 6-8 true leaf
    4. 9-12 true leaf
    5. Precupping appr 13 - 19 leaves
    6. Cupping 20-26 leaves
    7. Early Head Formation 2.5 - 4" diameter head
    8. Head Fill 3 - 8" diameter head
    9. Mature 6 -12" diameter head

    Our cabbages are just stage 3, therefore it is still long way to go, and more food to be served to get to stage 9.

    ~ bangchik
    Putrajaya MALAYSIA

  7. ~Stephanie
    ~Cath J

    We are living in a low lying area. Cabbage is normally grown in the highlands such as Cameron Highlands and Kundasang. A cooler place will favour cabbage. Putrajaya is typical of any hot equatorial place. Growing cabbage is definitely a challenge, but I wish to get on with it, and will consciously meddle with the conducive parameters....

    I try to be pragmatic with coconut fibers covering the soil. It helps to reduce water loss due to evaporation and provide cleaner cushion for cabbage to rest on. But fluffing has to be done too... Hmmmm.

    Putrajaya MALAYSIA

  8. Bangchik, those cabbage I have seen at one nursery here at the lowland, planted in pots, they have shades to filter the hot sunlight. Good luck anyway!

  9. Stephanie ~ I don't put net to give shade. But I just find a location which is shady enough for those containers.



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