Monday, April 5, 2010

Waiting for radishes to bloom.

a row of radishes left alone
to go through the cycle.



the bulging radishes.

Radishes are rare here in Malaysia. I never see them grown anywhere. I dont see them sold at the market either. The plants are real darlings because they grow so fast right from germination, much quicker than any other veggie. We have been picking radishes for salad and some  fried.

But a row is left to go to the end. I have to close both eyes at the bulging bulbs. Some gardeners had warned about them ending up as very woody. The whole game is about waiting to see them flowering and producing seeds.

Will they survive?

Putrajaya Malaysia


  1. lovely big radish you have :) they are very common and loved here. I will start my radishes this week, after constructing new raised bed.

  2. Love radishes and yours look so good. I bet it is hard not to pull and eat them LOL!I do not have very good luck with radishes here in my clay soil. They get pithy in the middle. Have a wonderful day.

  3. I'm going to have a go at seed saving this year too.

  4. Ewa in the Garden ~ They are big, coming to two inches in diameter. Good Luck to your attempt at growing radishes.

    Hocking Hills Gardener ~ I close both eyes whenever I get near them, not to be enticed of pulling them out. Sorry about the effect of clay soil on radishes in your garden.

    Michelle ~ I really hope so.

    Jo ~ Lets save seeds Jo!

    Putrajaya Malaysia.

  5. The radish looks very large! Good for you!

  6. ~ Green Iris
    they have gone over their prime time... I just want them to bloom and produce seeds.



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