Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WEDNESDAY: The solemn beauty of a red sunset

A red sunset through the window,
over Putrajaya. 
The protruding lamp posts bow to the beauty.

Red Sunset
As beautiful as it sounds.
As beautiful as it is.
A moment of peace.
A moment of rest.
A time of joy.
A time of life.
It sure is,
an incredible world. 

Menno Wannet

Putrajaya, Malaysia


  1. The setting sun changes the scenery, even the street lights soften and become part of it.
    Beautiful, always.

  2. Stunning image, Bangchik!
    aka Bay Area Tendrils

  3. Very pretty! We're having lovely weather here today (first of my two days off this week). Tonight we're supposed to get a cold front moving in. Oh well. Hot weather will hit soon enough. We could use some more rain.

  4. Beautiful, I love red skies.

  5. They really do appear to be bowing. Beautiful.

  6. Yes, it is a very solemn sunset, signalling that we should rest early from the too much labor we are doing in the garden, hahaha. I was out for a month, havent seen my missed posts here, but i can see in the side bar that your radishes are finally out. How lovely their colors are. Congratulations with your garden, but i chuckled with the post on okra!

  7. Beautiful! And I really like the poem. Thank you for a wonderful post!

  8. That looks so beautiful, calm and serene.

  9. Thanks friends, bloggers and gardeners.

    A changing sunset is fascinating as it slowly disappears over the horizon. This particular one is special, because it holds the red colour to itself so tight.

    Putrajaya Malaysia


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