Thursday, August 26, 2010

bright yellow lily

This is going to be another suspense in my little garden. Kalyani Nandukar send us 2 packets of seeds, all the way from India. The seeds are clitoria ternatea (also known as Gokorna meaning cow's ears in her language) and bright yellow lily (she does not know the real name). The lilies had germinated well in little pots, and they shoot up pointing towards the sky like needles. I had transferred them into 2 larger pots.  I simply don't know how they will look later, are they going to be like rain lilies which we happen to have of white and pink type or much much bigger.

bright yellow lily seedlings

close up of bright yellow lily seedlings

are they going to be like these?


like these?

Some of you may know how are they going to end up like, 
by looking at the little seedlings. I don't.



  1. I don't know but what I do know is that they will be exotic and beautiful.

  2. Hope they grow into beautiful lilies. I love lilies and daylilies a lot!

  3. Such beautiful seedlings, I look forward to seeing the blooms. :)

  4. I am sure they are going to look really nice! Keep growing little lilies :-D

  5. I love lilies! Bangchik, you have sparked my curiosity and can't wait to see them bloom!

  6. For sure the lilies are going to be beautiful regardless of small or big!! Do update us !

  7. The yellow lilies look so striking against their dark green leaves. Bangchik dont be surprised if you see me knocking on your garden gate to 'mintak sedekah' your seedlings!:)

  8. Poetic
    I hope they will be beautiful.

    I am imagining them growing as rain lilies.

    I normally divide lilies through bulbs, never grow them from seeds. So the suspense is tremendous!.. Haha.

    I wonder if they will be as beautiful as I imagine them to be...

    Kitchen flavours.
    I like lilies because they are nice little cluster of spiky leaves. They always rejoice over short burst of rainfall with pretty blooms.

    Wait untill they flower first.., before minta sedekah. Tunggu dia berbunga dulu.. Haha.



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