Friday, August 20, 2010

kale strengthening its stem.

kale growing steadily in pots

a close up of kale

I love the character of these leafy vegetables. They don't really sit upright, the way we expect them to do.  The close up is showing kale forming a less than accurate, of letter S. The bottom part of the stem will harden and become woody. Before that happens, the whole plant will collapse whenever there is gutsy wind. Almost invisible to the eyes, the plant will rise and get back to the upright position hours later. The bottom part is so small compared to the  fatter and greener part of the stem.

They are no more babies as in the earlier post of  kale is herea tale of kale  and Introducing Kale into the garden. Wait a while longer, then some leaves can be cut for a fried menu.

my little vegetable garden, bangchik and kakdah


  1. Such a sweet age... right about that tender time mine became part rabbit! ;>( May yours live long and prosper!

  2. Good luck with the kale! It is time to start them here too; they like the cool weather to come.

  3. Baby Kale, how sweet! I have never had Kale before either grown it or ate it. I see lots of bloggers talking about it so it must be a favorite of many...

  4. How interesting that Kale rises up so soon after being blown over.

    PS. Thank you for your kind comments on my latest blog post.

  5. Such nice kale you have! They are indeed yummy in stir-fry. Your veggies are all healthy and green. What kind of fertiliser do you use? Some of my veggies are sort of 'stunted' and stop growing! Do you know why?..

  6. That's interesting to know that, it rise back after gusty wind. Very hardy vegetable? I should try planting them!
    Soon there will be handful of kale for Kakdah to stir fry!

  7. Bang chik..they look so fresh!
    i've plant brocolli in a pot..but my neigbour's cat enjoy his weewee time in it..And yesterday..i sawa a vunch of poo in my brocolli pot.How to avoid such 'pest'?rasa mcm nak racun jer kucing tu.

  8. Hi Bangchik. Your Kale is growing very well. I well have to try to remember to plant some seed next summer for the planters or beds. To be honest I do not think I have eaten or tried it before though and I do not know why. Maybe because no one in the family ever grew it.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. ~carol
    lucky we don't have rabbits around or cats having peculiar liking towards it.

    They seem to enjoy cool weather which in my case means slightly shady environment.

    Lets grow some and see if it suits your garden.

    We thought plants are helpless lots without limbs, but they have will!.. haha.

    ~Kitchen flavour
    fertiliser we used is the standard organic poultry pellets, occasionally sprayed with foliage fertiliser. I do see plants refusing to grow in my garden too... I don't know really, disturbed roots at transplanting, or soil too soggy or too dry probably.

    They are hardy much later. At early stage, they are as tender as anything else. About their ability to get up after a fall... well, that has to be the feature of survival, nature has given to them.

    A solution is to put something in pots, like a piece of wood or old shoe, just to reduce the open space cat can scratch and poo, or cage them like what I did at early stage of kale. A sadistic approach will be to hit them hard so they wont come again.. haha.


  10. ~Hocking Hills Gardener
    Good luck to your kale adventure next summer. Oh, the kind of planning I am not familiar with. We are lucky to have summer all year round, even though we wish to see snow flakes falling once in a while.. haha.

  11. Seeing your post reminds me that I need to plant some kale this fall. Your plants looks so healthy, and will be yummy!

  12. -aeri_el my garden had become gardening alarm clock, reminding you of plants to grow. Good luck!


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