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Saturday, August 14, 2010

kale is here

 Growing Kale
(Menanam kailan)

They are of the same age, but the surroundings, the soil they grow in,  and the amount of sunlight they are getting must have influenced their growth. The two raised beds treat kale differently. The first is in the open, full sunlight with chilies, basil, lemon grass, asin-asin as neighbours. The second bed is a little shaded, with rain lilies, kadok plants and a few potted plants as neighbours. The first bed seem to be generous to grasshoppers. The poor plants are marked heavily..... to the grasshoppers, those bite marks are sign language they are very familiar with, which reads "I was here!". The other shady bed is alright, grasshoppers are not keen, therefore leaves are full . Grasshoppers don't venture out to the pots so far...

Kale in pot

Kale in pot

Kale in shady raised bed
grasshoppers dont like shady area, I guess.
oh, needs weeding!!

kale in open raised bed
grasshoppers show no sympathy! 
dry grass used as mulch to offset the scorching heat. 

Watering is still twice daily, 
foliage spray and organic poultry fertilizers applied weekly.

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  1. Hi BangChik, can I ask what's the purpose of the foliage spray? Is it a pest deterrant or a liquid fertilizer?

  2. Hi Bangchik. Your kale is growing so well. I love its pretty leaves. It makes such pretty flowers for a fall garden. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I couldn't come with another word than how cute those seedlings are. Those pesky grasshoppers -- they can be rather merciless, can't they?

  4. lucky little seedlings to get such conscientious care!!

  5. Bangchik, your kale looks quite healthy! We love it and have had several cuttings the last two months; I harvest and it continues to give.

  6. Thanks everyone for the visits and encouraging comments.

    Foliage Spray is for both; pest deterrent and fertiliser, applied every week.

    ~Hocking Hills Gardener
    Thanks, I probably allow kale to go the end and flower as you mentioned.

    Seedlings are like babies.., always cute, which ever we look, and however serious is their tantrums.

    ~Cath J
    Thanks.... is that "nice" refer to NICE TO LOOK AT?... or NICE TO EAT LATER?... haha.

    I will equate gardening in my garden as parent with few children, as compared to a battalion....

    Yeap, they are Okey for now... hope their happy look continue much longer...

    Cheers, Have a great day
    .. bangchik and kakdah
    Putrajaya Malaysia

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