Sunday, August 29, 2010

the third child and abandoned garden.

We were in Kedah again, visiting Farah, the eldest daughter. I was actually on an official trip or business trip whichever way we want to look at it. Kakdah joined in and spent wonderful time with the grandchildren. Farah, was carrying the third child. Understandably her garden was a little bit abandoned and  she temporarily left it to nature. I just read about Rothchild Orchid announcing " This summer I have mostly been growing..." to celebrate the coming of the first child but plagued with morning sickness and severe fatigue.  Same thing goes to Farah and the abandonment in Farah's garden is more pronounced with the current hot spell.

even her tumeric plants are suffering

weed setting foot within abandonment.

Adlina, the eldest is becoming really chatty. She is almost 4 . The real character is beginning to surface through her childhood tantrums. She adapts herself well as the eldest, trying as much as she can to pacify the younger brother, Adli  whenever he cries. Months ago she was quite alright calling me as Tok ayah, but now the term is becoming shorter, Oyah. I got to get used to the new endearment. Adlina had been telling kakdah about baby in the womb talking to her. She regularly put her ears on Farah's tummy.  So her mother is set for the third child.....

the number of Farah's house

the number plate of the car we were traveling

the flowers of a weed

even daun kari is crying of thirst and hunger

but the flower of a weed sparkles like a happy firework

typical flower of a weed, lalang species, 
that has grown so tall, higher than the fence.

 a close-up showing how pretty they can be...

 adlina, kakdah and adli for a BIG HUG. 

On the final day, I dig six little holes on Farah's garden. There lies seeds of sunflowers from Putrajaya. I do hope, the seeds will germinate and grow. Soon the garden will be yellow, provided the little children would leave the plants alone, and Farah gets back to her normal rhythms to get out and water as she gets heavier and  the baby gets bigger......

bangchik and kakdah 


  1. The Big Hug picture is great, as well as the rest of them. I love the grasses! All the best to your daughter! I suggested sunflower seeds to Rothchild Orchid, they are a big help in case of morning sickness.

  2. hi Bangchik lovely post, i have three grand-daughters so i know the joy that they bring...

  3. Bangchik, lovely as always... Your family is beautiful. Good health to Farah and the baby! I hope she is not sad to see the garden thus, but it shall be worth it. Did you tell her of the sunflowers or shall they be a surprise for her?

  4. The weed flower photo remind me of my childhood collecting them when I have to follow my mother with outside chores. Hope Fara feel much better soon. I do recommend gardening during pregnancy, INSYA-ALLAH you have easy labour. It was only 15 minutes labour with Rayyan and the doctor and nurses were complaining that I was giving them a marathon!

  5. Oh! What a lovely family you have. Your daughter should feel better during the 2nd trimester. I like the fireworks photo.

  6. Wonderful post Bangchik. Yes, the garden (and many other things) get a little less attention during the growing and caring for a new baby, but plants are quite forgiving, as long as they get some care.

  7. The mother in law tongue, I tell my friend, it should be called daughter in law instead, just like mine. LOL

    Some one please water the curry plant. When I left Singapore, I left a very big tree.

    Now you give me an excuse to go to the park and visit the "Live" Statue.

  8. what a beautiful child and grandchildren you have! Your granddaughter sounds like she'll be a wonderful little mommy to her younger siblings.

    I have to say that the flowers on those weeds are a gorgeous as any tended perennial!

  9. Fantastic photos. You've shown how pretty weeds can be!

    Congratulations on your coming grandchild! Grandchildren bring such joy into our lives. You have a beautiful family!

  10. Great post. Once the weeds set in, then no saving.

  11. What beautiful grandchildren - and another on the way!! You & Kakdah are are so blessed. Enjoyed this post a lot, Bangchik. Hope you'll share a photo of the new babe when he/she arrives.

  12. Thanks everyone for the visits and nice comments.

    About putting sunflower seeds as a parting gesture, that was no secret. Farah was there, and the rest too.

    I just hope she will go through it just fine, as she had done twice before. It's all about adjusting to a new episode in life.

    It's not only her, the rest will have to adapt. Support and understanding will take everyone over.

    Cheers, ~bangchik

  13. Such a beautiful family! Best wishes to Farah too..

  14. Thanks Beegirl, it is fun to be with kids....

  15. Bangchik, KakDah, it's always nice to see picture of a happy family coming together. Wishing Farah has a safe deliver and you both a safe drive back to Putrajaya.

  16. J.C.
    Thanks.., travelling during bulan puasa is a little bit taxing. Glad we made it to and fro. It was enjoyable and fun.


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