Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WEDNESDAY: sunflowers in chorus


a bed for sunflowers, some has opened.
the edging is made of papaya stems
(biodegradable edging)

sunflower still growing
 four on the left and three on the right

a flower

another flowers
the other flower

close-up of the other flower.

bangchik and kakdah PUTRAJAYA  Malaysia


  1. So beautiful! Sunflowers are so cheerful!!

  2. I love Sunflowers, you cannot have too many.They brighten up any garden.

  3. Soon you'll be greeted with lots of sunny yellow flowers as you walk pass them. Must say that I am pretty envious right now knowing exactly the feeling and joy you'll be having!

  4. Hello bangchik - I'm new here today, and what an interesting blog you have here! Looking forward to following your blog and reading some of your past posts to see what all's growing in your Malaysian garden. Your sunflowers look really look beautiful. They are definitely on my list of flowers to grow next year.

  5. Wow! So many and more to bloom! I like your bio-degradable edging. :)

  6. That's beautiful sunflower bed! Soon your garden will have many big yellow sunflowers! Awesome!

  7. beautiful - you've got quite a collection!

  8. Wow, that's lotsa sunflower plants. It would be lovely to have all of them blooming at the same time!

  9. Beautiful sunny flower. I am planning to sow some sunflower seeds this week. Hope they grow as beautiful as yours.

  10. I like that edging!

    Great sunflowers! They look cheerful. They make me happy.

  11. Hi Bangchik, what has happened to the okra and what is the other plant with it which is of the same family as okra. Have i missed the post of that one?

  12. ~Aaron...., sunflowers smile cheerfully and warm anybody's heart.

    ~Peggy...., I just spread sunflowers all over the garden, to see how they fare... soon they will rest to give vegetables a fair share and show..

    ~RoughRosa...., Passersby do turn when sunflowers open up their yellow petals, but after awhile, things get back to normal.. curiosity doesn't last long..

    ~Thyme2garden..., everybody loves cheerful sunflowers. Soon thyme will a feature in my garden, hope they germinate and do well in little pots..

    ~One..., very very biodegradable indeed. The other day, I saw termites sniffing around the stems, before I spray them good....

    ~Malar..., too many maybe. But they are so pretty.

    ~Wendy..., I collected thousands of seeds. I am sure they are waiting for their turn... haha..

    ~J.C....., They are quite individualistic. They choose the own time to bloom. Around the same time, but not spot on .

    ~Malaykadazangirl..., It would be nice to see sunflowers blooming in a cooler climate like yours.

    ~Rosey..., that edging will not stay that way for too long.. I think "smiley" originates from sunflowers... happiness!!.

    ~Andrea..., That okra is protected by two roselle plants earlier on. But now winged beans give helping hands, something roselle cannot do. Okra and Roselle are similar in look and character.

    ~bangchik Putrajaya

  13. Your garden really inpired me.i'm gonna have one.soon.

    Sunflower is an easy plant to grow.. In good growing condition it grows big, otherwise small and thin. Invariably it will end up blooming. Good luck !

  15. Your sunflowers are so bright they almost hurt my eyes! Ours are blooming and now the goldfinches sit upside down on the plants to eat the seeds.

  16. ~Kim and victoria
    Sorry for the bright yellow that almost hurt your eyes. Wonder why birds are not coming near to pick the seeds. May be they have other food they like more..
    Cheers, bangchik


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