Monday, August 30, 2010

The vastness of paddy field.

On this business trip, I have to meander through paddy fields to get to the place in Jitra from Farah's house at the far end of Taman Wira Mas, Kampung Naga. Paddy fields offer varying degree of beauty depending on the stage of paddy in the field.

The field will be yellow, when the grains are maturing and ready to be harvested. I took a few pictures somewhere around Lubuk Kawah, not far from Farah's place along the way towards Jitra.

the field is really yellow.
a few coconut trees put the rural setting really in place.

another view of the yellowing field.

drain on the right is for irrigation. 
primarily used to carry water into the fields from the canal.

a field just harvested

a field just harvested
The hill at far end which is rather obscure, is Bukit Tunjang

Early in the morning around 8am, 
the shadow is long.



  1. We in Osaka are facing record-hot temperature days in this summer which make us concern when we should start preparation of autumn-winter vegetables such as white radishes and cabbages.

  2. So huge and lovely paddy field!

  3. You bless our lives by reminding us that gardening is far different in different parts of this great earth. Fascinating post!

  4. It has been so long.... oh I really miss the beautiful sight of paddy field in Kedah. The horizon is paddy field and sky... awesome sight to behold each time of the year... from green to golden to nothing he he... I hope Jitra is now a bigger town. Many many many years ago... it was just a few townhouses, houses and UUM. I like the tomyam, ayam masak merah, ayam goreng, durian orchard, langsat and rambutans there ;-)

  5. I've never seen such huge yellow padi field before, they are so pretty! We import our rice, I'm pretty sure if you ask any young kids in Singapore, they won't know how the padi field look like. They only know the rice comes from supermarket ,not field! lol

  6. Salam bangcik.

    terasa teruja nak leave comment.
    kebetulan ni sangat dekat dengan rumah saya.. di lubuk kawah. Nanti kalau datang ke sini, bagitau lah. Mungkin boleh berkelah di tepi sawah menikmati nyamannya tiupan bayu atau boleh menikmati mentari pagi menyuluh alam..

  7. Make me remember my art classes in primary school when the art teacher give you a theme of 'kampung scenery'. Most of the students will draw paddy field and in the backgound will be rumah papan, sun , coconut tree and birds flying in the sky.

  8. Love the golden paddy fields.

  9. ~Takaeko..., oh, then the current spells seem to be quite widespread. We too are experiencing the excessive heat.

    ~Tatyana...., Thanks, the ever changing landscape of paddy fields is haunting indeed.

    ~Rebecca..., the vastness of paddy fields in Kedah is punctuated by houses but over in Seberang Perak, it is really as far as eyes can see....

    ~Malar...., they are always lovely, but the size is reducing over the years, because man needs more houses and so on.

    ~Meredehuit...., The regional diversity!

    cheers, ~bangchik

  10. ~Stephanie..., You studied in UUM right?. Jitra still has the old charm, nice people and fruits and veggies are quite cheap. But Sintok remains still as it was before.

    ~Jama..., yea, current generation is living in a space-ship. They get rice and fish from the supermarket. They have to be reminded about land and sea!

    ~Hann ..., Oh, anda dari sana?. Lain kali kita boleh berkelah dengan Farah dan keluarganya, sambil mengail ikan puyu dan keli..

    ~gadiskadazanmelayu.., i would add a large tempayan filled with water to the brim at the bottom of the steps, and a tempurung kelapa resting on a wooden stake.

    ~Aaron..., like a beautiful golden sunset, the breathtaking views of a paddy field will come, go and come again.

    Cheers, selamat menyambut Kemerdekaan Malaysia!
    ... bangchik

  11. What a serene scene of this vast paddy field! It's hard to come by any paddy field in Klang Valley. The nearest is as far as 2 hours drive away in Sekinchan. I love walking in the paddy field. It makes me feel small to be in such a vast field. I also feel so close to nature too.

  12. JC..
    Last time they grow padi at Bukit Cerakah Shah Alam... just a little for show. You should try Seberang Perak, just after Teluk Intan towards Sitiawan. That one is majestic! ~bangchik

  13. Yes :-D Else, I'll never know how beautiful Kedah is. I love the old charm. Sintok is still the same? Well, it's probably much better than how the town was in the olden days ha ha...

  14. Steph... there is charm in every little thing... haha. Even with Sintok that never grow any older, still as young as ever!! ~bangchik

  15. Dear sir,
    Do you seeds of Gyunura procumbens or sambung nyawa? I wish to purchase some.


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