Sunday, May 10, 2009

Should I pluck the corns now?

Should I pluck now or wait a little bit longer......?

Sweet corns [ jagung manis]:

color of hair
the tip of the hairs has turned light brown...

on the right side

I suppose, to wait a while longer wont spoil the taste of my sweet corns...


  1. Oh lucky you - I have to wait another month or two for mine!
    Thank you for following my blog...lovely to share our experiences across the world.

  2. I think corn can get mealy tasting if you leave it to long and not sweet enough if you don't leave it long enough. I have never known the right time to pick corn. It looks wonderful though. Should make a lovely dinner.

  3. any time now :)

    I have to wait another week or two before even thinking of planting corn.

  4. It's so hard to know! I always pick too soon because I'm afraid a bug or rodent will get to the yummies before I do!

  5. Bangchik, I like the corn stalk silouette in the sunset, pretty! Hope that first bite is sweet as sugar! Hey, I've never seen an orange bitter gourd, only green in the them stuffed and in soups!

  6. I like your pictures of corn. It so common that we don't remember how really amazing and beautiful it is. Corn can get starchy quickly--it is sweetest very young as soon as the kernels are big enough to eat. Choosing when to pick is both an art and preference.

  7. we are wondering when to pick our corn too. its amazing to see someone so far away growing and picking at the same time we are. = )

  8. > Scattered Gardener
    > Heather
    > WiseAcre
    > Caroline
    > lynn'sgarden
    > mlc
    > Josie

    Sorry... such a long delay, over a month!
    Good harvest. Very sweet indeed, and Adlina the first granchild, 3 year old girl, really love them. Their last visit coincide with the harvest... How lucky can some be...

    I am eager to see the progress of Laura's farm, with corns as far as eyes can see....

    ~ bangchik


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