Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cucumber: The growth, leaves and stems

They are now coming to the 6th leaves. Three plants grow at different rate, each is distinct and different. They love the morning light, therefore there is a general tendency for the shoots to lean towards the east. The third seedlings died. I don't know why, possibly injury at transplanting. I am placing a cover acting as sunblock to these poor little seedlings. And now they showing real zest to continue growing.

the curl is ready to cling to anything.
(an older photo )

 cucumber 1

 cucumber 2
grasshoppers are testing their teeth with the earlier leaves.

banana stem used as edging

 today's photo of cucumber

I am really surprised at the ability of cucumber to reach out and hold the trellis. An acrobatic move indeed shown by the tendrils...

putrajaya malaysia


  1. aloha,

    i always love the timeframe when plants just get started and in no time it becomes time to harvest,

    come and join me for the hot meme for the end of the month.


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