Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunflowers are bowing

Their heads are facing downward probably as a result of the weight of the developed seeds filling the heads of the sunflowers.The necks are so stiff and the main stems retains their uprightness. There must be real strain on the stems to keep everything up in that awkward position. The smaller plants are different, with the neck  never have to bend so bad.

The other day  kakdah mentioned about bees hovering around these sunflowers. She didn't have time to snatch a camera and snap. Bees with yellow and dark stripes will be at home with the sunflowers, well camouflaged. The nectar must be sweet enough to attract them.

Again kids coming around here, ask "why the flowers are now facing downwards?". Again Kakdah comes up with her answer. " They cant face upwards now, because rains would be collected there and the flowers will rot. Furthermore, passersby had enough of them, and now they are shying away"

I just wonder what will happen when wind decides to come in rough and heavy. Can the bent necks handle the gust of winds?. Can the leggy stems stand ground?. Can the roots hold on to the grip to the last drip?. I shouldn't even ask, for sunflowers had seen it all over zillion of years. Nothing is new and surprising.

bangchik and kakdah
putrajaya malaysia


  1. They do look like they are bowing, don't they? Maybe to the queen of the sunflowers? That or they've dropped a contact lens and are searching desperately for it;)

    Christine in Alaska

  2. Just look at them growing so fast. Their heads are getting too big and drooping. That means lots of seeds later. How did you keep that Bilbo in line? LOL!

  3. This is so interesting. I am growing sunflowers for the first time and would probably have panicked when they started to bow. Now I know better :-)

  4. my neck is tired just looking at them!

    Will you just leave them or stake them somehow?

  5. Hehehehe.. that was cute!

  6. Haha so cute. The flowers must be tired, with that big heads!

  7. I was surprised to see that some birdseed remnants have seeded themselves on my deck. They sure look like sunflowers...we'll find out soon! Yours do look like they're exhausted from being looked at.

  8. Bet they are not sun-shy!!! Such cheerful flowers.

  9. ~Christine B.
    Dropping contact lens?.. haha.

    ~Hocking Hills Gardener
    The head is too heavy i guess. How to handle Bilbo? Tropical extravaganza had kept him in line.

    I was surprised too when the neck start to bend...

    I have no intention of staking them. So far the stems have been handling wind so well.


  10. ~Cath J
    They are cute. I was caught by surprise.

    It is not easy for the neck to stay upright with heavy head.

    They had enough of walkway glamour!

    ~Keats The Sunshine Girl
    They are shying away...



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