Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Giving pineapple a chance.

A recent trip home to Sitiawan ended with a pineapple crown accompanying us back to Putrajaya. Kakdah's youngest brother Faizal brought home lots of pineapples fresh with crowns still intact from  his wife's place Sungai Manik. Kakdah took a crown.  Faizal had given lot of background information about pineapple s growing. He did agriculture at UPM in his study days. Now working with Lembaga Perindustrian Nanas Negara (Malaysian Pineapples Industry Board), he is fast becoming an expert.

 the crown at the top
(from google pictures)

It has been said, that crowns are not the best choice as seedlings. But that is what I am going to try... Normally people will grow pineapples from the shoots or slips. Shoots are branches around the stem, and slips grow on the stem just below the fruits.

 The slips, just below the fruit
(google pictures )

pineapple shoots
taken out from the stems
(google pictures)

For ordinary people with  little garden, crown is a better option because of it's availability. Pineapples sold in the market, come with crowns. It is NOT a common practice to grow pineapples in pots, but i am going to allow that variation with pineapple growing,  in garden soil and in pots.  Last Sunday, Kakdah bought a pineapple from Presint 8 Market where the seller was more than happy to give 5 other crowns. The fruit ended as Pajeri Nanas, another of Kakdah's specialty. The crowns are placed on the bed where okras or lady's fingers are, to allow rootings and then transplanted later, definitely a few in pots.

It is going to be another adventure, but obviously with patience, because pineapples will take the whole year to bear fruits. There will be photos soon....

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  2. How to Grow Pineapple 
  3. PINEAPPLE Fruit Facts
  4. Official Website of Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board ...
bangchik and kakdah
putrajaya malaysia


  1. That sounds like a fun adventure. I just bought some raspberry plants to try growing across the street. I grew some a long time ago, and remember the birds eating most of the raspberries. If we could grow pineapple here, I'd try planting some, too.

  2. This will be great adventure to follow!

  3. Very exciting!! I look forward to the pictures. :)

  4. I am very interested in seeing how it turns out.

  5. I like pine apple especially when I dip it in salt....How are you today?

  6. Pineapple is a favorite. I'll be interested in hearing how this turns out.

  7. I wish I could grow pineapple outdoors! I've even tried it in pots without a whole lot of luck. I hope yours do well. :)

  8. Yay.. how fun and interesting! I love pineapples..they are fabulous! Great photos..!

  9. It is enlightening to know that we have a Pineapple Industry Board!

    I have tried planting pineapple from crown and it is indeed very easy. Now waiting for it to fruit. I just read the link that you posted. It says it will take about 20 months to get fruits...I didn't know that it takes so long! But I will wait!

    Wish you good luck with the pineapple, Bang Chik.

  10. Good luck in growing them, Bang Chik.

  11. Bloggers, Gardeners and Friends. Thanks for the visits and comments.

    Growing pineapples has to be one of the easiest hardening adventure. Even cats won't dare to get near fearing the thorny leaves. The plant will be safe throughout its life...

    I have heard about "pribumi" or the aborigines planting pineapples and leave them to fend for themselves only to come back a year later for the harvest. It has been said, those pineapples are the sweetest.

    I hope mine will be growing fine. Good that some of you, have considered pineapples for containers.



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