Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunflowers are wearing down.

I wish to illustrate sunflowers maturing, being pregnant with many babies, as in weary state. They look every inch, as suffering from old age, with wrinkles, losing lustre. It is a natural process of one having to say goodbye and making sure many more will come to replace. Even pests are ready to jump in for the final kill. Nature is a wonder and very much cyclic.

 the necks bending.

 flower facing down
yellow petals are losing lustre.

 flower facing down

the closely packed sunflowers in sorry state, aging, bending awkwardly.
This plant has so many flowers,
with seeds alreading forming



  1. I will bet that the birds will be showing up soon for these treats!

  2. I think they are just bowing in respect to you Bangchick

  3. Looks like a bird paradise about to happen! Lovely pictures, too.

  4. So interesting and still lovely. A much better position for dropping seeds from.

  5. My sunflowers are still seedlings and yours are already wilting lol. Hope you get more seeds to grow more sunflowers!

  6. I just planted some sunflowers. I am hoping to see them get as far as yours are. They are such pretty and magnificent flowers.

  7. All a part of nature my friend, I love sunflowers. They are very resilient.

  8. I think they are still pretty with their gracefully curving stems and yellow petals still hanging on. Your beautiful birds will enjoy all those seeds.

  9. They are beautiful flowers whether or not old and losing their lustre, just like me :D It's the ebb and flow of nature.

  10. ~Carla
    I hope birds will come round and pick the seeds. But I haven't seen any. Sunflower is not native here by the way.

    Haha.. bowing to me, kakdah and passersby along the pedestrian walkway. But they actually succumb to their own weight.

    I hope birds will come, so I can take photos. But crows and gembala kerbau which are regulars here, don't seem to bother.

    ~Rebecca @ In The Garden
    You are right rebecca.., it's a natural position for dropping seeds.

    Good luck to your sunflower. Hope it grow bigger than the pot. Is it still in pot?


  11. ~Teresa~ Gardening with Soule
    In your place, sunflowers should attain their natural height and beauty. They are migrants here in Malaysia, but they do quite well..

    They are resilient. All grow to the end completing their purposeful existence. Some flower heads are as big as kid's head, but some are small not much bigger than the strawberry.

    ~garden girl
    Very nice, the way you put it, gracefully curving stems. They must have strong neck, hip and roots to do such feat.

    ~Poetic Shutterbug
    We succumb to old age somehow.., but the beauty remains and lasts forever!



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