Thursday, May 13, 2010

MALAYSIA: Photo Contest 2010

Something I wish to participate and never had the opportunity  to take part. Though I enjoy taking photos, I have never offer my photographs for contests. I thought this time, I am not going to miss. Damn sure, I know there are hundreds of serious and professional photographer who make a living out of photo industry. I dirt myself for a little joy with gardening, and take photos as memories. Yea.. why not.

Anyone joining?
But what would I submit?

Flora Malaysia 2010 1st April - 31st May 2010
In Conjunction with Malaysia International Flora Parade 2010, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia will be organizing a photography competition starting from April 1st to May 30th, 2010. A Photography exhibition on 200 selected images will be on July 5 to July 18 at Kuala Lumpur.
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  1. This is exciting - why the heck not enter??!You have a lot of great photos to choose from!

  2. I had been admiring your photos. You are good. I am excited for you and will check out the competition too. Who knows:)

  3. You can do it - with flair, style, and substance, with so many great photographs to choose from! All the best!

  4. Go for it Bangchik! As for what, well you have so many good ones, one that stuck in my mind was
    The chillis x

  5. Good luck Bangchik!
    Maybe I should enter too?

  6. Ya go for it, be sure to let us know how you get on! Good Luck

  7. ~Wendy
    Thanks wendy. I do have lot of photos. But searching for one worthy for contest, hmm.., that will be tough.

    ~Ocean Girl
    Yea, why not Lisa, lets join the crowd.

    Thanks... i hope i wont give up along the way... haha.


  8. ~Carrie
    Thanks Carrie for pointing out the photo!

    Lets enter.., the more the merrier.

    ~Stone Art
    Thanks.., I really have to strategise what to do next....



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