Friday, May 14, 2010

When the wind was blowin'

The wind chime was blown by the angry wind one day. The music was hard lacking it's natural melody. Anger had created outburst,  in the form emotional tantrums. I could only hear the noise, but couldn't make out the arrangement and melody out of the angry tantrums.

Even the Nikon camera found it tough 
to tame the wind chime 
in its angry mood.

Putrajaya Malaysia


  1. I hope the wind has calmed down from the temper tantrum:-) I enjoyed your creative writing & thoughts.

  2. Is your wind chime made from bamboo? I am glad it survived the wind storm.

  3. I Love your ghost-chime photos..very atmospheric!!I supppse they get moody from time to time too! ha ha

    Great post!

  4. They do look angry, such a fitting description.

  5. Enjoy your posts and visiting your greens.

    I totally envy you. U one very lucky fella to have all 3 in 1 - flare in writing, great at planting veggies and an eye for great shots! :) Good combo!

    I love roses so I only plant roses in my garden. I also advocate others to share my passion for this flower thru writing tips on growing roses in my blog.

    Hope to be friends.

  6. A lovely post - wind chime tantrums also reside in my house!! The one that makes the most noise is the quartz chime!

  7. mmm... rumah sblum ni apartment... klu hujan lebat... mesti dengar bunyi angklung buluh tu, mcm tengah bergaduh... takut...

  8. ~Jan (Thanks For Today)
    yea, the wind had calmed down. We never know when it will flare again!

    You are right. The chime is made of bamboo. Very melodic with a mild wind.

    At times, we can handle and maneuver our own mood. We thought we can tame the anger of wind too by putting barrier, plant big trees etc. But wind is casual with its own mood.


  9. ~Rebecca @ In The Garden
    Winds, as thought by our geography teacher, are just air rushing to put balance to varying pressure pockets. Yea, they rush and always angry.

    Thanks Rosa, for your encouraging comments. Kakdah only has a plant with tiny pink flowers. She wants more roses!

    ~Keats The Sunshine Girl
    I am glad you mentioned about quartz clock as your noisy chime... Some when to the extent of saying their own living partner as a constant noisy chime... ohh, that hurts.. haha.


  10. ~ejaMaria
    Terima kasih. Yang menakutkan kesan dari angin, bukan hanya angklung buluh sahaja, angin yang masuk ikut celah pintu juga menjerit macam hantu.



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